Story of 85-floor condo in Corktown briefly terrifies people, until they get the joke

Story of 85-floor condo in Corktown briefly terrifies people, until they get the joke

Unreal: a screen shot of a post by user AndroidUK

The tricksters at Urban Toronto managed a bit of an own goal yesterday. The fun started when user AndroidUK posted a pic of ad boards claiming to show a new condo tower in downtown Toronto. What’s new about that? AndroidUK’s picture got pushed to the front page, where it started a Twitterlanche based on the following description:

We don’t generally miss one so blatantly but today is such a day. Taken by forum member androiduk, today’s Photo Of The Day shows work starting on the new 85 storey Tremont Condos. Located on Cherry Street, the tower will be the tallest condo in the city when completed. Tallest condo in the city (country in fact) and we missed it. Sorry for this loyal Urban Toronto readers!

Developed by powerhouse Asian developer Uoy Deloof Developments, this first of six towers was designed by aH + aH Architects. We will update you once we have renderings and floorplans. But we have to say nothing says luxury like Cherry Street!

Here’s the thing: as pointed out in AndroidUK’s original post, but not in the front-page post, this is all a gag: the signs in question are movie props designed to make Toronto look like Boston. (Apparently, mixing luxury condo towers and post-industrial grunge is all the rage in Beantown.)

The post, and the picture, got Urban Toronto a ton of attention, but then things got real as their servers crashed from the panicked stampede to see who was defiling Corktown. Whoops. Note to self: next time we tell a joke that funny, make sure we don’t end up being the punchline.

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