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QUOTED: Olivia Chow, on Rob Ford’s decision to hand out awards for community safety

QUOTED: Olivia Chow, on Rob Ford's decision to hand out awards for community safety
(Image: Chow: Olivia Chow/Facebook; Ford: Christopher Drost)

"...And of course there is the long list of Ford’s community-safety enhancing activities at Windsor Road.”

Olivia Chow (or, at any rate, the writer of her campaign’s press releases) pointing out the irony in Rob Ford’s appearance, on Thursday, at the Mayor’s Community Safety Awards, where he posed with police officers and refused to answer questions about his association with alleged Etobicoke gang members. Windsor Road, of course, is location of the alleged crack house police believe to have been the setting for Ford’s crack video.

According to the Star, Ford had never attended the Community Safety Awards ceremony prior to this year. Also of note: he has voted against the city’s community-safety grants during every year of his mayoralty. In fact, most of the time he’s been the only vote against them.


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