The Pineapple Financial success stories you ought to know

The Pineapple Financial success stories you ought to know

The innovative brokerage is on a mission to guide all of Canada into a new age of mortgages

Accelerated by the pandemic, tech integration has shifted nearly every industry into the future, and the financial sector is no exception. Pineapple Financial has secured its role in kick-starting that shift with an integrated network of more than 400 mortgage brokers and agents, AI-driven systems and cloud-based tools to make the home buying experience seamless and transparent. The digital-first brokerage believes the road to homeownership, a major milestone in your financial journey, ought to be a process inspired by the brand’s namesake—a symbol of warmth and hospitality. 

Whether you need a clear assessment of your buying power or find yourself in a time-crunch to secure a mortgage, Pineapple takes on the heavy lifting to save you time and money, acting as an expert advisor throughout your entire mortgage process. Start with an online application, explore the intelligent MyPineapple platform and gain full insight into deals and optimal offers based on their needs. Many Canadians have successfully secured their dream homes by working with a Pineapple broker. If you’ve begun to think about homeownership or are actively searching for a property, let their stories inspire you. 

Meet Micky & Elana: Two young professionals ready to buy their dream home in the city

Making a confident offer on a home, let alone a down payment, can seem nearly impossible when you’re relying on the sale of your current property in order to do so. This pressure-cooker scenario is quite common and can often lead buyers to take out expensive bridge loans or miss their opportunity to buy entirely. Micky and Elana’s dream home in Toronto was too good to pass up; so, they connected with a Pineapple mortgage broker. 

In order to buy in Toronto and keep their monthly payment on budget, Pineapple assisted them by leveraging the equity in their existing properties to maximize their down payment. Selecting the right option from Pineapple’s roster of 40+ lenders—including some big banks—their broker was able to bridge the down payment by securing an affordable line of credit with payment privileges. This meant that Micky and Elana wouldn’t be hit with a penalty fee for paying their credit back in full once their existing properties sold. They were also able to meet any closing date requested by the seller, which enabled them to better negotiate and finally purchase their dream home. 

Meet Justin & Bonnie: Engaged and eager to buy in a competitive market

For many Canadians, particularly first-time buyers, homeownership starts with determining what their capabilities truly are. Doing so on a tight schedule, and amidst the busyness of planning a wedding, Justin and Bonnie wanted to be certain their property search started off on the right foot. Conveniently, they were able to do so from the comfort of their home. With Pineapple’s digital instant pre-qualification tool, they were able to get pre-approved quickly and establish the momentum needed to secure a home in Toronto’s increasingly competitive market. 

Pineapple’s commitment to leveraging technology in the home buying experience meant Justin and Bonnie’s mortgage process was not as old-fashioned and complicated as they had expected. AI-driven systems, cloud-based tools and a helpful team of brokers make up the network that’s revolutionizing homeownership—or at least bringing it into the 21st century. Empowered by the detailed mortgage assessment that Pineapple was able to provide, the soon-to-be newlyweds made the decision to waive their condition on financing, jumped the gun to make a confident offer and opted for a quick close. The only thing left to do was pick out the right furniture. 

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