Pineapple Financial is empowering homebuyers across the country

Pineapple Financial is empowering homebuyers across the country

While modernizing mortgages is no easy feat, this new consumer-facing brokerage holds the keys to success—and your new home.

In the same way that technology has changed how we shop for clothes, catch up on news and communicate on a daily basis—the way we manage our financial lives has evolved as well. And for homebuyers, the experience of accessing a mortgage is no exception to this much-needed evolution. More than 400 mortgage brokers and agents, AI-driven systems and cloud-based tools make up Pineapple Financial, a digital-first brokerage reimaging the home buying experience. 

The company’s forward-thinking approach has established itself as a destination for all types of homebuyers seeking secure and trustworthy expertise to enhance their purchasing power. Dedicated to providing mortgage-seeking Canadians with the best service on the market, Pineapple’s smart software makes communication easy, while a flexible range of products make every client experience custom fit. Thinking about the possibility of homeownership for yourself? Meet some of Pineapple’s clients who’ve made the most of their means with the brand transforming the way Canadians access mortgages. 

Meet Jeremy: A solo shopper with the means to make it happen

Buying a home for the first time can be an intimidating venture—doing it alone can make things that much more so. When you’ve worked hard to save on a down payment, you deserve a brokerage that works equally as hard. For Jeremy, purchasing his first home alone in Toronto meant partnering with Pineapple and working closely with a team of experts throughout his real estate journey. He followed their guidance and eventually found the perfect property, but a bump in the road brought things to a halt—the appraisal report for the property came back under value. 

Lucky for Jeremy, Pineapple’s underwriting team quickly identified some critical property specifications that the appraiser missed. The team brought these concerns to their attention so that the appraiser could reassess the property accordingly. Ultimately, Jeremy’s mortgage was approved and he was able to meet the closing date requested by the seller. This also provided him with the means to better negotiate down the line. In Jeremy’s case, an extra set of eyes helped keep things on track and with the right team by his side, no time was wasted in securing his new pad. 

Meet Irene & Robert: Longtime homeowners looking to grow their investment portfolio

Like first-time buyers, experienced homeowners have a world of possibilities at their fingertips in today’s buyer market. Interested in growing their investment portfolio, this married couple was in search of a pre-construction property and believed they found the perfect one about two hours north of the city, in Collingwood. Aware that pre-construction loans can often be limited, they worked with a broker at Pineapple to evaluate all of their options. A wide range of offerings, which included refinancing, equity takeouts, debt consolidations and renewals, provided a variety of routes for Irene and Robert to take. Ultimately, the couple chose to facilitate an equity takeout via refinancing, which would allow them to access funds to use towards their upcoming pre-construction. There was just one thing—the real estate firm’s closing date was fast approaching. 

Using Pineapple’s pre-construction journey on its AI-driven Business Management platform allowed the brokerage to send a follow-up to their clients, actively updating them on their upcoming deposit payment and closing dates during this exciting but stressful process. The couple successfully increased their down payment for their pre-construction closing and now eagerly await the completion of their new rental property. 

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