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Meghan Markle’s Seaton Village house is for sale

Meghan Markle's Seaton Village house is for sale
Image from Google Street View

Meghan Markle, the actor and future wife of Prince Harry, made her home in Toronto for several years while she was working on the legal drama Suits, which shoots locally. She lived in a rental house at 10 Yarmouth Road, in Seaton Village. That property—which you can spot in the backdrop of some of Markle’s many Instagram pics—is now on the market for $1.395 million.

The property’s owners, Kevin O’Neill and Elizabeth Cabral, bought it in 2007 for $508,000. Daniel Freeman, broker at Freeman Real Estate, which listed 10 Yarmouth, says the pair initially lived in the home before deciding to rent it out. Markle has already moved out, and the interiors have been redecorated for the sale.

Markle’s presence made Yarmouth Road—a sleepy side street, located north of Honest Ed’s and east of Christie Pits—an unintentional stop on the paparazzi world circuit. As her international profile grew, Markle’s security arrangements became more noticeable. In September, the Daily Mail spotted some new security cameras on 10 Yarmouth’s porch. Neighbours were known to grumble about the media and security presence that followed Markle home.

The house itself is nothing out of the ordinary for the neighbourhood. It’s a detached, two-storey, three-bedroom home with a two-car garage. Although it was a rental property, it wasn’t divided into separate units; Markle rented the entire building. The property’s standout feature is its landscaped back garden, which is exceptionally private because it faces a laneway, rather than another row of homes.

There will be public open houses at the property this weekend. Although the property isn’t being marketed as an ex-royal residence, Freeman says curious neighbours are welcome to attend—though they should be prepared to wait in line, and show photo ID at the door.


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December 8, 2017

This post originally misidentified Daniel Freeman. He’s a broker at Freeman Real Estate, not an agent.


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