Everything you need to know to prepare for a big move

Everything you need to know to prepare for a big move

Moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you follow some easy steps to simplify the process

Whether you’re moving across the country or across the city, the idea of packing up your life and preparing your home for the market is daunting. If you’re looking to reduce stress and anxiety, and give someone else the pressure of a time crunch and the job of tackling years of clutter to make your home is presentable for the market and ultimately benefit from a hassle-free move, you’ll want to consider enlisting some professional help.

Luxury Move Management has been providing move management services to people of all life circumstances and abilities in the Greater Toronto Area since 2016. Their team of all-female packers knows that the items in your home are more than just things—they’re extensions of you and deserve to be treated with care and respect. With no detail overlooked, Luxury Move Management provides their clients with a bespoke experience from prepping a home for sale, to packing and unpacking the last box in the new home. And with additional services like estate clearing, selling unwanted furniture, trades management and more, alongside tons of five-star Google reviews, it’s clear that their consistency, customer service and discretion go a long way with their roster of clients.

 “Our job is to tee up and execute seamless moving experiences for our clients,” says Mindy Applebaum, founder and CEO of Luxury Move Management. “We have proven processes and streamlined services.”

“Unfortunately,” Applebaum says, “the moving industry in Toronto has a bad reputation, which adds to our clients’ anxiety.” Moving is widely considered an incredibly stressful life event, but Applebaum wants to change that.

“You’re not just paying us for hours you spend with us; you’re paying us for the decades of experience we have managing moves of every size and complexity,” she says. “When clients work with us, they get an actual human being answering their calls. They get replies to their emails within a few hours. They have follow-through and accountability every step of the way. We actually care about them.” There’s a reason why her clients refer to her business as their ‘moving lifeline’.

Here are some ways you can prepare for a big move (and why you should hire someone to help).

Get rid of things you won’t be bringing with you

Wrapping your head around decluttering your home is one of the biggest moving barriers and a major contributor to the stress surrounding the process. But paring down your belongings will streamline your moving process and make important space for new things—and, most importantly, help your home-buyer be better able to picture themselves living there. Make sure you organize selling, donating or junking items in advance. Some organizations will even issue you a tax receipt for your donations. “Don’t be surprised if your kids don’t want your old furniture or china,” Applebaum says. “It’s important to have clarity on who will want what. Speak to your family and friends and see who is interested in which items in your home.”

Consider the number of logistics

Ironing out important details is crucial for a smooth move, and there are more than 15 move-related logistics—such as hiring a mover, having your TVs dismounted and remounted on the walls, dismounting chandeliers, shredding old documents and more—that experts like Luxury Move Management will facilitate for you.

Even if you’re not moving far, there are some essential details you’ll need to sort out, like rolling over your utilities and Internet services, updating your address and changing subscription information. Moving to a new city or neighbourhood? Be sure to cancel or transfer local memberships, so you don’t have to worry about making that yoga class once you settle into your new home. Checking all of these off your to-do list in advance will make for a headache-free transition.

Don’t assume everything can be thrown in a cardboard box

Figuring out what stays and what goes is hard enough—figuring out how to pack what you keep is even tougher. While you may have dealt with past moves with cardboard boxes, special items deserve special care, and a crew of skilled packers will do all the thinking for you. Fragile items like glass tables, marble top tables and mirrors need to be crated before moving, and Luxury Move Management will do that for you.

Schedule downtime

Moving is stressful and exhausting, and you might be one of those people who just can’t stop thinking about it until it’s over. Scheduling ‘you’ time is just as important as getting through all the nitty-gritty. Book yourself in for a massage or pedicure, or even just schedule your evening self-care routine or a mid-afternoon walk to clear your mind.

Hire experts to help you move

Enlisting professional help is the easiest way to simplify your move. Like Luxury Move Management, an expert team will help with the plethora of important (but maybe not top-of-mind) tasks, like taking down lighting fixtures and disposing of junk, so you don’t need to. They know how to pack specific items to ensure nothing gets lost or broken, and partner with reliable, trustworthy movers that they trust, so you can too. 

Most importantly, they love to pack and will save you the fatigue of doing it yourself.