Jokes abound as Disney mulls moving into the CBC building

Jokes abound as Disney mulls moving into the CBC building

For lease: the CBC Centre (Image: Ryk van Toronto)

There are several ways to tackle the subject of the CBC renting space in its downtown office to Disney, which is looking for offices in Toronto and will pay roughly $4 million for the space. We can’t decide which is best.

Disney Teen Idol
Presumably, Disney is looking for space to grow its genetically enhanced breed of super–pop stars, who will take over once Miley Cyrus is not longer profitable and, inevitably, enslave us all.

Superhero Takeover
Disney is looking for extra space to house the 4,000-plus characters it picked up when it bought Marvel. We’re excited about the changes J. Jonah Jameson will bring to the The Hour.

Theme Parking
The CBC is hoping Disney will use the space to build a hopeful new amusement park ride called Rising Profits.

The Jian Plan
CBC is leasing Disney the space so that Jian Ghomeshi can convince them to greenlight his animated feature Once I Was the King of Spain.

We’re not sold on any, really. But since the deal isn’t finalized, we have time to come up with a witty punchline. Maybe something about Peter Mansbridge being replaced by the old man from Up. Or, how CBC employees will have to move all their mickeys to make room for Mickey?

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