Here’s what the Broadview Hotel (formerly Jilly’s strip club) looks like now

Here’s what the Broadview Hotel (formerly Jilly’s strip club) looks like now

The former home of Jilly’s performed its final striptease yesterday, as the scaffolding that covered the Broadview Hotel for almost two years finally came down, revealing the restored exterior for the first time.

The 1891 Romanesque Revival building had fallen into disrepair, thanks in part to some questionable stewardship by its former occupants, who reportedly knocked holes in load-bearing elements to give patrons better views of the stage. In 2014, the property was purchased by Streetcar Developments, which set about renovating the building into a boutique hotel with a ground-floor restaurant space.

As part of the conversion, Streetcar has restored the building’s exterior brick, erasing a century of grit. The slate roof has been replaced, the cornices revamped, the metal fire escapes removed and a new storefront entrance added. Streetcar has also built a modern, glass-lined rear addition that adds some square footage to the upper floors.

A Streetcar representative says the interior renos won’t be complete until spring. In the meantime, here’s a look at the big reveal.







Streetcar held a lighting ceremony in the evening, after the scaffolding was completely down:


And here, from Google Street View, is a “before” shot: