CN Tower launches EdgeWalk, for people who think skydiving is boring

CN Tower launches EdgeWalk, for people who think skydiving is boring

The view looks great from inside the CN Tower (Image: Katherine_Davis)

This summer, the CN Tower is introducing a new attraction called EdgeWalk, allowing thrill-seekers to take a hands-free walk on a five-foot-wide ledge around the outside of the tower—116 storeys above ground. Anyone planning to add this to their bucket list may want to check everything else off first. Find out prices and dates after the, er, jump.

Brave visitors will circle the tower’s main pod in groups of six or eight, attached by a trolley and harness to an overhead safety rail (oh good, we thought it would be dangerous). The walk lasts between 20 minutes and half an hour, and the total cost is $175 per person. Participants must bring their own Depends.

The attraction is the first of its kind in North America, but the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand, offers a similar experience—adventure-seekers can take an outdoor stroll 192 metres in the air—although that’s a breeze compared with EdgeWalk’s 356 metres. (Check out a video of Sky Walk here for a taste of what EdgeWalk will be like.)

Toronto’s most famous landmark may have lost its status as the world’s tallest free-standing structure in 2007, and later its record of having the world’s highest restaurant, but with the addition of EdgeWalk, it now boasts the prestigious distinction of having “the world’s highest full-circle hands-free walk.” It has also snatched Jane and Finch’s title of Most Dangerous Place in Toronto.

Tickets for EdgeWalk are on sale starting June 1 and the fun begins August 1 (along with a potential spike in accidents on the Gardiner Expressway).