Everything we know about Airsorted, the new short-term home rental management company that just launched in Toronto

Everything we know about Airsorted, the new short-term home rental management company that just launched in Toronto

The company eliminating all the hassle out of Airbnb

For Torontonians looking to rent out their homes, condos or apartments on Airbnb, the perks are clear: you get to haul in some extra cash whenever your space is sitting empty. But let’s face it: there’s a reason you didn’t go into the hospitality industry. For many busy homeowners, organizing the logistics is often a deal-breaker. When you’re working full-time, raising kids or jet-setting around the globe, vetting guests, locking up your valuables and organizing a cleaner can seem like a colossal hassle that’s just not worth it.

That’s why the short-term management company Airsorted has become so insanely popular. The brand started in London, U.K., in 2015, and it just launched in Toronto this spring, letting local homeowners rent their spaces with zero headaches. Here’s everything we know about the service:

They literally take care of everything:
If your dream is to actually forget that you’ve ever had strangers stay in your home, Airsorted is ideal. After signing up on the site, users get a visit from a dedicated Account Manager who will install a lock box, snap professional pics of your place and set up all the details about your listing. From that point, your pseudo-hotel can be up and running within a week (and you’ll never even know it).

In terms of day-to-day management, the company will chat with all potential guests, screen them using specially developed verification checks and let them check in at any hour of the day or night. The company also monitors your supplies, replacing items like cleaning supplies and toiletries as they run low. After guests leave, the company organizes a professional cleaning service — a charge that’s billed to your guests. Your account manager and point of contact will stay the same throughout the process, so you can rest assured there will always be a human at the end of the line for any issues.

Including bringing in hotel-quality linens:
With Airbnbs, luxurious touches go a long way in maximizing value. As a result, some homeowners may feel pressured to invest in expensive towels and sheets before listing their place. Airsorted, on the other hand, brings in the kind of pristine white linens and towels you’d find at a five-star hotel and washes them all at a facility off-site.

Homeowners are signing up in droves:
The brand’s rapid growth is testament to how much city dwellers have been craving the service. In a crowd-funding campaign this spring, the company surpassed its initial target of 1 million pounds (about $1,675,000 Canadian) in just four days. As of today, they’ve taken care of nearly 35,000 bookings and are on track to be operational in 38 cities by the end of 2018.

You have as much control as you want:
Hosts can always log in to their dashboard to see their earnings, manage their calendars and control account details. From there, they can choose levels of involvement. For instance, hosts can either authorize the company to make decisions about property repairs up to a certain cost or decide to manage that themselves.

The company can actually improve the value of your listing:
When it comes to pricing their space, many homeowners simply take a stab at what they think it’s worth, without undertaking any relevant market research. Airsorted has a team of commercial analysts on hand who have built a special pricing algorithm that will automatically optimize your rate. This often means that hosts can double the income they would have made had they managed it themselves.

The cut is reasonable:
In addition to Airbnb’s three per cent, Airsorted takes an additional 18 per cent. For example, if a property would typically rake in $5,000 per month in revenue, hosts can expect to collect $4,100. The fee is automatically deducted, so you’ll never have to worry about outstanding bills, and it’s certainly a better financial option than not renting your place at all because you’re too busy to coordinate the details. For those who subscribe to a time-is-money way of life, it’s more than worth it.

They’re a pretty ethical company to support:
Airsorted takes diversity and equality seriously. Fifty-one per cent of their employees are women, and they offer gender-neutral parental leave. Best of all, they have a “pawternity” leave policy for all new pet owners — because everyone knows a new puppy can be nearly as demanding as an infant.

Watch this video to hear about real hosts’ experiences with the service: