A new kind of real estate brokerage is taking the hassle out of buying and selling a home

A new kind of real estate brokerage is taking the hassle out of buying and selling a home

Properly’s common-sense approach puts buyers and sellers first

Buying and selling a home isn’t always a smooth process. Staging your space to look its best can be costly and exhausting, and the uncomfortable but necessary step of showing your home to potential buyers can disrupt your life for days, weeks, or even months. The COVID-19 pandemic has only made these pain points worse. Health regulations and social distancing restrictions mean opening your doors to in-person showings isn’t always an option, and those same restrictions can make finding a new home of your own just as hard. 

Properly is a modern tech-enabled real estate brokerage that’s removing the headaches involved with the traditional way of buying and selling a home. If you’re a homeowner looking to move, it’s difficult to time the sale of your current home with the purchase of your next one. This can sometimes force you to leave money on the table or, even worse, have to carry two mortgages at the same time if your old home doesn’t sell in time. Properly’s Sale Assurance helps you unlock the equity in your current home to secure financing for a new one before you even list your current home for sale. That way, you can make an offer without a home sale condition as soon as you find the home you love, and move on a timeline that makes sense for you—without the pressure of trying to line up closing dates.

Properly felt like the real estate industry was not evolving fast enough to meet the needs of buyers and sellers. “In Canadian real estate, most of the technological progress has been around helping people find homes,” says Anshul Ruparell, Properly’s CEO. “We went from classified ads in newspapers to online search. Yet the experience of buying or selling a home has remained the same. At Properly, we thought it was time for some real change.”

Another major pain point is how stressful staging and showing your home can be. Properly’s Sale Assurance allows homeowners to buy their new home before selling their old one so Properly can take care of showings after you’ve already moved out. Or, if you’d rather sell before buying, Properly will pay for you to stay in a rented house while your home is on the market. Properly also allocates a $6,000 budget towards staging and cleaning any home sold with the brokerage. And if your home needs more than a simple staging, you can access a $20,000 interest-free advance toward home improvement costs that can help make a sale happen even faster and for more money.

Professional staging, expert photography, and smart advice from their agent helped these Properly clients sell for a record-setting price on their street

Properly matches you with one of their top-rated in-house agents with local expertise, and gives you access to all of the exclusive services mentioned above, plus:

  • data-driven recommendations supported by proprietary AI technology that can help you make informed decisions;
  • expert marketing support for your sale, including professional photography, 3D tours, and targeted ad campaigns;
  • an instant home estimate and an insider’s look at comparable recent sales and local market conditions;
  • a search portal where you can see exclusive home details, set up alerts for homes you might love, and book in-person or virtual tours with just a click.
Properly helped Kate, Trevor, and their dog, CJ, move from Toronto to Whitby in January 2021

Properly’s agents are supported by a team of specialists across staging, pricing and marketing, so they can focus on helping you win your dream home and selling your old home for the highest possible price. There are no incremental costs associated with these core Properly services—all you pay is their standard commission rate. “At Properly, we believe that home buyers and sellers deserve more value for the commissions that they’re paying. We reinvest a significant part of the brokerage’s commission back into the benefits we offer our clients,” says Anshul Ruparell. “If our customers choose to use Sale Assurance and buy before they sell, we cover the cost of the bridge loan and mortgage on their old home until it sells. If they choose to sell before they buy, we cover the cost of a house rental and storage so that they can avoid living in their home while it is listed on the market.”

Properly’s client-centric, common-sense way of doing things takes a complicated process that is usually full of headaches and makes it simple, stress-free, and straightforward. “Every product and service decision we make has our end consumer at heart,” says Anshul Ruparell. “By delivering a better experience every time, we believe that we can become a brand that is the top choice for any Canadian looking to move.”

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