3 ways to invest in real estate from TV show 30 Minutes to Wealth’s mother-daughter team

3 ways to invest in real estate from TV show 30 Minutes to Wealth’s mother-daughter team

Ever wondered how to invest in property or generate a passive income in real estate? Carmen and Jordan Campagnaro are sharing everything you need to know.

You don’t need to be an economist to glean that investing in real estate has proven to be a timeless, lucrative and stable long-term investment strategy. From the outside, it might seem intimidating, but the world of real estate investment is ripe with opportunity. Mother-daughter duo Carmen and Jordan Campagnaro are industry leaders who love to share their passion for real estate through education and real-life experience. The two produce and co-host 30 Minutes to Wealth, which airs twice a week on CHCH and are self-proclaimed real estate aficionados with a long-standing track record in the industry. They’ve worked with thousands of investors and teach people effective strategies to create wealth.

Carmen encountered her first taste of real estate at eighteen and never looked back. She’s since transacted hundreds of deals spanning land, development, construction, residential and commercial and is also the founder and co-founder of several real estate-related companies, including Pro Funds Mortgages, a mortgage brokerage that caters to real estate investors all across Canada. Taking after her mother, Jordan’s passion for real estate sparked at a young age. Since she was twenty-three, Jordan has participated in various real estate investing strategies from mortgage investing to rent-to-owns, buy and holds, BRRRR’s (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) and vacation rentals. Together, Carmen and Jordan share their passion and knowledge in real estate to empower others to achieve success.

Keep reading for their tips on investment properties and how you can make money while you sleep. Yes, really. 

Dear Carmen and Jordan,
I have built up my savings and now I am looking to invest in the real estate market. Where do I even begin and how do I know if it’s a feasible endeavour for me? – Shooting My Shot, Scarborough

C&J: First of all, congrats! We’re thrilled for you and are huge believers that you can achieve it if you put your mind to something. Education is key. We recommend watching our Canada-wide show, 30 Minutes To Wealth, for complimentary education on real estate investing. Now in our fourth season, our goal is to teach our viewers how to obtain financial freedom using real estate-based strategies. We interview seasoned experts, investors and celebrity guests who have been in your shoes, learned from trial and error and are chockful of valuable insights. Industry elite—like HGTV personalities, world renowned interior designers, leading Canadian economists and, most recently, bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki—have all graced our set. With their sage advice and our own combined four decades in the biz, we’ll share the fundamentals of real estate investing in a relatable and easy-to-digest way with you. From active investing strategies (acquisitions, value-add improvements, development and construction) to those more passive in nature (mortgage investing, REITs, limited partnerships and more), we’ve covered it all! Catch us twice a week on CHCH or view all the episodes on YouTube or our website.

We also suggest having a great team in place to help with your acquisitions, including a mortgage broker that understands your vision. Having a mortgage pre-approval in place is helpful for when you are ready to make your purchase. Our sister company, Pro Funds Mortgages, caters to real estate investors and offers financing for all types of real estate, with both private and institutional lending.

Dear Carmen and Jordan,
Investing in property is so intriguing to me, but here’s the thing, I ~really~ don’t want to be a landlord. Not only do I not have the time to tend to a tenant, but the thought of that responsibility also stresses me out! What other options are available to me? – Tentative About Tenants, Etobicoke

C&J: This is a terrific question. It may be challenging to see yourself as a landlord or dedicate the time and resources necessary to manage a portfolio of income properties, but there are workarounds. Passive real estate investing is a strategy where investors can participate in real estate investment without directly owning property themselves and worrying about qualifying for a mortgage, renovations, property management, or collecting rent. Private mortgage lending, or investing in a real estate investment trust (REIT), for instance, might be worth considering. These types of investments are still real estate based, but do not involve active management on behalf of the investor. They typically feature returns providing monthly cashflow and offer a variety of options when it comes to investment terms and minimum investments. This strategy works well for those with full-time obligations who may not have the time or energy to dedicate to more active real estate ventures. Contact us to learn more about passive real estate investing strategies!

Dear Carmen and Jordan,
My friends and I have stayed in countless Airbnb and vacation rentals; hotels aren’t even on the radar anymore. After every trip, I think, “I could do this!” Can I make passive income through a vacation home, or is this just a pipe dream? – Vacation Home Dreams, High Park 

C&J: Yes! It’s no secret that vacation homes are a passion of ours. Even during our family holidays, Carmen spends time viewing properties to add to our Once Upon A Stay vacation rental portfolio. Today we have many destinations across Canada and the USA, with a dream to one day own a castle in the South of France! We love finding undervalued properties and transforming them into character-filled vacation rentals in beautiful destinations. 

Here’s our advice: Make your property a destination with unique and thoughtful features that stand out from the competition. Pulling in vintage furniture and accents, each of our Once Upon A Stay properties offers a unique themed experience. For example, Summer Breeze offers a whimsical storybook stay with a lifesize unicorn, gauzy curtains and macrame hangings set against mesmerizing Lake Huron sunsets.

On the other hand, in South Bruce Peninsula, Creamsicle will transport you back in time to the 1970s with its disco balls, lava lamps, and retro lounge area. Don’t forget that renters are emotional and driven by the look and feel of a space, so consider that when you are designing and renovating your vacation property! A stay at one of our properties might give you a feel for what we mean. Once Upon A Stay properties are available to rent year-round. Click here to learn more.