WFH or work from the Cayman Islands? How you can skip winter for a long-term stay in the Caribbean

WFH or work from the Cayman Islands? How you can skip winter for a long-term stay in the Caribbean

What if your office was a beach?

The closest most Canadians get to working on a tropical beach is the distance between their desk chair and the colourful screensaver on their computers. And given the amount of time we have spent indoors in 2020—and with an upcoming winter ahead—thoughts of warmer weather, cerulean waters and walks on a white sand beach have never sounded better.

Last month, the Cayman Islands announced its Global Citizen Concierge Program, which offers Canadians the opportunity to realize the dream of a long-term stay, a virtual office on one of the Caribbean island nation’s three glorious islands, and personalized concierge services to make planning the remote work-cation a pleasure.

The Cayman Islands is one of the Caribbean’s jewels. With miles and miles of beaches, and soft sands that feel like flour under your feet and tranquil waters, this British Overseas Territory boasts advanced infrastructure and outstanding modern amenities. Plus, these exceptional accommodations, from luxury low-rise hotels and condominiums to bespoke villas all have views to kill.

The Cayman Islands is where you go when you want top-notch cuisine (there is a reason it is called the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean) and next-level service. And with a plethora of cultural institutions on Grand Cayman like the National Gallery, with its ever-changing art exhibitions, or the National Museum, which offers a fascinating glimpse into local history, the Cayman Islands is a living classroom. The beautiful Queen Elizabeth II Royal Botanic Garden’s natural and sculptured displays, and Pedro St. James historical site are wonderful places, among many others to discover.

It’s no surprise that the Global Citizen Concierge Program, which offers qualified applicants a visa for up to two years also comes with a direct line to a “concierge” who will help book flights, find accommodation and provide answers to questions that someone about to embark on adventure in a new country may have.

One of the questions on many people’s minds is: “What is the COVID situation like there?” The Cayman Islands is one of the most highly regarded destinations for its exceptional response to the pandemic and the fact that it has registered very few cases. It ranks amongst the top in the world in testing per capita, and with excellent medical facilities and response, has ably kept the virus at bay. As a result, day to day life is relatively normal.

But the question everyone should be asking is how quickly can we get there, and should we visit Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac or Little Cayman first? You arrive in Grand Cayman, but Cayman Airways offers easy access between the three islands. Cayman Brac is more rugged, with a breathtaking limestone bluff and forested topography that boasts beautiful flora and fauna. Its caves are ripe for exploration, and whether you’re a rock climber or a diver, there is always something to explore. Little Cayman is the epitome of a secret hideaway. Renowned for its intimate dive resorts and amazing diving sites, this tiny island will allow you to suspend reality for a bit, unplug, and recharge.

As we enter the grey winter months, and we dream of once again being able to jet set to the Cayman Islands–which we know will be work the wait—why not take advantage of the Global Citizen Concierge Program and spend a few months in paradise? Screen saver or Caymanian sunset? That’s the real question.

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