Ten of Toronto’s coolest splash pads

Toronto is about to get hot hot hot, with a feels-like temperature of 43 degrees on Friday. Forty-three degrees. Those who don’t have their own pool—and shudder at the idea of sharing one with hundreds of strangers—might consider the trusty splash pad. We combed the city to find the best ones, some of which are way more than glorified sprinklers. All city-run splash pads are free to use and are typically open from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Note: many of the pads don’t allow dogs, so sweaty pups will have to stay hydrated from the sidelines.

To mix it up a little, this little honey of a haven is part splash pad and part wading pool, just a few inches deep. Its small central spout makes it a more relaxed option for those who don’t want water blasting at them from all angles. Go on a farmers’ market Thursday for an impromptu picnic. Splash factor: 5/10

This cute little spot at the edge of the city has walking trails to get you good and sweaty so you can feel the sweet relief of the splash pad. With water spouts at varying heights—including a pelican-like creature with a bill that spills when full—it’s an ideal spot for adults and kids alike. Splash factor: 6/10

A small but sweet splash pad offers walk-through sprinklers and tall spouts to stand under. Splash factor: 6/10

This pad has a minimalist vibe, with muted colours and grounded sprinklers surrounded by massive rocks. It’s like a Hunger Games arena, except no one is in mortal danger (and there’s a nice view of the CN Tower). 165 Bayview Avenue.
Splash factor: 6/10

This little hideaway features a small but cute splash pad. Water rains down from tulip-shaped spouts and shoots up from geysers positioned between looming metal daisies. Splash factor: 7/10

This park is home to a large and bustling splash pad with enough water features to get you soaking wet. There’s also a lot of seating for breaks between the fun. Splash factor: 8/10


Water Play, which reopened at the end of June, features tree-shaped, misting structures that make the island feel more like a rainforest. The pad is part of Centreville Amusement Park but free for the public to use. Splash factor: 8/10

This pad is small, but it packs a real punch. It has fountain-like water spouts and some sweet palm-tree taps to frolic under. Off to the side, non-tropical trees provide plenty of shade. Splash factor: 8/10

Everyone’s favourite cherry blossom destination also has a huge splash pad with a ton of water features. Our favourite is the spitting frog—a guaranteed hit for the little ones. Splash factor: 9/10

The standout attraction at this pad is a massive bucket that periodically dumps its cold contents onto those standing below (hold onto your shorts, kids). While the splash pad isn’t huge, it’s dense with colourful climbing towers and all sorts of sprinklers. Splash factor: 9/10


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