Some photos from Toronto’s first post-pot-legislation 4/20 rally

Some photos from Toronto’s first post-pot-legislation 4/20 rally

Yesterday was 4/20, the holiest day on the pothead calendar—and, what’s more, it was the first 4/20 since the introduction of the federal Cannabis Act, which, if it’s passed in anything resembling its current form, would make recreational marijuana use legal throughout the country.

At Yonge-Dundas square’s annual pro-pot rally, people smoked in celebratory fashion despite chilly weather and rain. Here, from Instagram and Twitter, are some shots of the event.

First, a warning. Toronto Life will not be held responsible for any damage to your immortal soul:

As a condition of his bail, pot activist and dispensary kingpin Marc Emery is currently forbidden from leaving Ontario. Which might explain why he had some time to mingle:

And mingle:

The guy definitely does know how to dress, though:

Oh, Polkaroo, no:

This seems like an overcomplicated way to do it:

An unusual means of raising awareness about the possible benefits of marijuana in treating the symptoms of childhood cancer. But look, it’s working:

The crowd couldn’t control the rain, but they sure could control the fog: