Some photos of last night’s epic snowstorm

Some photos of last night’s epic snowstorm

With January temperatures approaching Polar Vortex 2.0 conditions, it’s so cold that Niagara Falls has partially frozen. In Toronto, a brutal snowstorm battered the city overnight. Here, some photos of the effects on the city.

The bus ride from Kennedy station was pretty brutal, though this rider says TTC employees worked hard to get everyone home safely:


This person is probably in for a long commute today:


And another person who should maybe just take the TTC today:


Roy Thomson Hall was barely visible through the snow:


Streetcars, though slow moving, still managed to make a go of it despite the weather:


At least dogs seemed to be making the most of it:


This doggo looks a bit miserable, though:


Do they make snow tires for strollers?


Another case for snow tires:


This shot shows just how bad visibility was in some spots:


Honestly, this wait for the King streetcar doesn’t look too much worse than usual:


These people, out in the Beaches, decided to make the most of the falling snow:


Everyone knows the Avenue Road hill is a doozy. See if you can spot the subtle maneuver the SUV pulls to make it onto the steep road:


January is for lovers:


The Junction looked especially eerie:


It’s going to be a careful exit for residents of this apartment building.

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