I tried it: How Philips’ Sonicare DiamondClean smart toothbrush blasted me out of my oral health rut

I tried it: How Philips’ Sonicare DiamondClean smart toothbrush blasted me out of my oral health rut

Here’s an embarrassing confession: I have become incredibly lazy about my oral health over the past few years. After my previous electric toothbrush’s battery spontaneously died in 2018, I reverted back to my frayed manual brush, and have been half-heartedly swiping it around my semi-clean mouth ever since. And since the pandemic hit and I began working solely from my sofa, it hasn’t been uncommon to realize midday that I never got around to that morning brush—and to simply shrug and let it slide until bedtime. Needless to say, I was not only in need of a toothbrush upgrade, but also a total overhaul of my oral habits, motivation and brushing enthusiasm. So, when Philips Canada offered to send me one of their Sonicare DiamondClean Smart toothbrushes, I jumped at the chance to see if it could get me out of this teeth-cleaning rut.

The brush arrived charged and ready to go. Inside the box was the sleek matte black handle, two brush head options, a stylish travel case (which conveniently doubles as a charger when you’re on the go) and a charging base with two options: a more minimal stand and a cup-like holder. I was greeted by a refreshingly simple welcome manual, which told me to download the Philips app and give the brush a try. I snapped on the Premium Gum Care brush head that targets gum health, as mine have been feeling a little extra-sensitive lately, hit “purchase” in the app store and my phone immediately connected to the brush via Bluetooth.

I was eager to see what all the hype was about—but, to be honest, I was skeptical about the life-changing ability of such a basic household product, even one that purports to be the “world’s most intelligent toothbrush.” Before I gave it a go, a quick perusal of the Philips app provided me with brushing tips and the opportunity to set specific, customizable goals. The brush itself has three intensity levels and four modes: Clean, for regular daily cleaning; White+, to remove stains; Deep Clean+, for an invigorating deep clean; and Gum Health, to gently clean along your gum line. I decided to focus on improving my gum health and began my three-minute cycle. Every 30 seconds the toothbrush would buzz, nudging me to move on to the next section of my mouth.

Having the app simultaneously open was helpful, as it visually guided me through the specific areas of my mouth that I should be focusing on, and for how long. As someone who’s prone to daydreaming, that’s helpful to have because I know I normally would have instantly forgotten which area I had completed and wind up missing some key spots. A friendly reminder to “stop scrubbing” would also pop up occasionally if I was moving the toothbrush around too much (a hard habit to break after years of manual brushing), and the bottom of the brush would light up if I was applying too much pressure.

After the three minutes was up, the app non-judgmentally asked me if I was planning on flossing, which I took as a gentle reminder and spent a couple of seconds removing any stubborn breakfast remnants. My mouth still felt pleasantly refreshed from all the brush’s buzzing—which was strong but gentle, and surprisingly quiet. I then started to notice how incredibly smooth and delightfully slimy my teeth felt. They hadn’t felt this clean since my last trip to the dentist (which was, admittedly, far too long ago). I realized the brand wasn’t lying when they said the brush removes ten-times more plaque than manual toothbrushes.

When the time came that evening for the next round, I was shocked to discover that I was actually looking forward to heading to the bathroom to spend some quality time on my teeth. Five days into this new routine, and the digital documentation of my brush sessions is keeping me accountable. Since sticking with the gum health setting, I’ve noticed my gums are less sensitive when I do take up the app’s suggestion to floss (the brush guarantees that your gum will be seven-times healthier*). Plus, looking at my stats and seeing the positive feedback gives me a virtual pat on the back I didn’t know I needed when it came to brushing my teeth—because let’s face it, no one else in my life is going congratulate me for not missing a session, applying appropriate pressure and targeting every corner of my mouth. It’s like having your very own personal tooth-brushing coach, and it feels fantastic to know, without a doubt, that my oral health is at its best possible level.

For more information on the Sonicare DiamondClean smart toothbrush ($250), visit Philips.ca.