What people were saying about the LCBO strike that wasn’t

What people were saying about the LCBO strike that wasn’t

Despite a week of panicky news stories to the contrary, it turns out that LCBO workers won’t be going on strike this week, because OPSEU, their union, has struck a tentative agreement with management. The timely deal averts an interruption in Ontario’s vital liquor pipeline in the days leading up to Canada Day, one of the holiest backyard boozing holidays of the year. Before the good news became public knowledge, though, people had plenty of time to panic over the prospect of celebrating the country’s 150th birthday sober. Here’s what some of them had to say on Twitter.

They say the first stage of grief is denial:

And the second stage of grief is GIFs:

And then, utter despair:

There was plenty of outrage to go around:

Some chose to take a more optimistic view:

Others, perhaps unaware that any LCBO strike wouldn’t affect the Beer Store, took some dubious preventative measures:

There was a definite market effect:

For a while, every drop of precious potato water seemed irreplaceable:

Maybe Ontarians could have made it through the long weekend by drinking liquids other than alcohol, but now we’ll never know: