Jian Ghomeshi is attempting a comeback, and people are not pleased

Last year, after Jian Ghomeshi avoided being convicted of sexual assault in two separate trials, it wasn’t clear what the ex-CBC host would do next. This morning, after 11 months of silence, he resurfaced on Twitter, where he posted a link to what appears to be a comeback attempt: the first episode in a series of online videos. Within minutes of Ghomeshi’s tweet, it was obvious that the internet is not ready to forgive him for his alleged transgressions. Here’s what people were saying.

First of all, it has to be said that even negative attention is still attention:

A few people are wondering why Ghomeshi didn’t lean in to his newfound status as an enemy of womankind, considering the fact that there are entire internet subcultures devoted to lionizing anti-feminist men:


But maybe Ghomeshi doesn’t want to make friends with Gamergaters and fedora-wearing “men’s rights” activists. Maybe he just wants things to be like they were before:

But his image problem may be insurmountable:

Yup, it’s fair to say that the sexual assault accusations are still pretty fresh in people’s memories:

Prepare yourself for an onslaught of Ghomeshi news, as every media outlet in town scrambles for an interview:

Also, an onslaught of sick Moxy Früvous burns:


But perhaps simplicity is best:


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