Why you’ll need and want Hyundai’s new IONIQ 5 and wide range of electrified products

Why you’ll need and want Hyundai’s new IONIQ 5 and wide range of electrified products

Get the keys to a greener future with Hyundai’s wide range of electrified vehicles

Electric cars are the future, and every year we see more car companies come up with visionary carbon-footprint-smashing vehicles to add to their repertoire—some of which may never see the light of day. But there’s one company changing the way we drive and how we see our place in the world.

Hyundai is a household name with an impressive history championing green development throughout their entire range of vehicles, especially electric variety ones. Transportation plays a vital role in our collective lives. It’s not just getting from A to B; it’s connection, progress, and it’s freedom.

“[Our] management philosophy places humanity above all other considerations,” Jaehoon Chang, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Company, says. “We will take the lead in creating a sustainable future in which all mankind can live safely and healthily while enjoying [the] freedom of movement and the unique offerings of our lives.”

Global electric car sales reached a whopping 6.75 million units in 2021. Considering an electric car as your next vehicle needn’t be as intimidating as it may seem—with environmental awareness at an all-time high and a solid understanding of how our purchasing power can change the world—especially not with Hyundai’s collection of environmentally-conscious cars.

With green cars, you’re not limited in choice

The selection of environmentally-conscious cars has come a long way since the first fully electric car was released in 1996. When it comes to investing in your next new vehicle, having a selection to choose from and the freedom to decide what works best for you is paramount. Living a greener life doesn’t come with limited choice. Hyundai offers four different powertrains to suit the needs of any to-be car owner. Their hybrid cars offer lower-emission driving, while their plug-in hybrids allow you to choose to use gas when you need it and electric when you want it. Their electric car range runs entirely on electric power, while their zero-emissions fuel cell vehicle is powered by hydrogen and emits exhaust purely through water vapour. Whatever lifestyle you live and want to commit to, there’s a Hyundai car to match.

They’re more accessible than you think

Electric cars have boomed in the last years in terms of accessibility. They aren’t a niche type of car anymore—they’re for everyone from the motorhead to the stay-at-home mom and first-time car owner on a budget. Hyundai’s range of green-minded vehicles caters to diverse people, especially those wary of diving into the fully electric life and perhaps prefer the comfort and peace of mind of having a hybrid vehicle. They’re for everyone; they come in all shapes, from compact to mid-size and SUVs, and most fall within a reasonable price range that rivals non-green cars. There are even financial incentives to owning an electric vehicle in Canada.

Meet Hyundai’s newest member of their electric family, the IONIQ 5

To put it simply, the IONIQ 5 looks at the bigger picture. The newest addition to their family of electric vehicles boasts an impressive driving range of up to 488 km. And when using the available 350 kW DC ultra-rapid charger, the IONIQ 5 can be quickly charged from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes. It’s ideal for solo explorers and families alike, with plenty of space for road trips for the entire crew, perfectly in line with Hyundai’s vision of being human-centred. Hyundai is set to release two new electric vehicles this year, starting with the IONIQ 5.

A commitment to a healthier, happier future

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a goal for many, and putting money behind an ethically minded company is top-of-mind, too. Hyundai fully embraces the true spirit of innovation, taking electrified cars to new heights and bringing them to the average person who cares about a greener future for the next generation. With growing concern over the state of the planet, Hyundai is rising to the occasion by putting a lifestyle of true freedom and the health of humanity and our planet at the forefront of their business model. 

But Hyundai is more than just a car company—it’s a brand that tells a story, sees the future and gives us the keys to change it. Sit in the driver’s seat and see how far green can go.

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