Drake says he was banned from a Vancouver casino, and the internet was not pleased

Drake says he was banned from a Vancouver casino, and the internet was not pleased

All we know for sure is this: at some point on Friday night, Drake attempted to gamble at Parq, a casino resort in Vancouver. The rapper was in town for two nights of concerts at the Rogers Arena, and was presumably trying to blow off some steam in the off hours. So far, so good.

But then, early Saturday morning, Drake made an incendiary Instagram post in which he accused Parq of “profiling” him and refusing to allow him to gamble. TMZ decided that Drake probably meant that he had been racially profiled (a fair assumption, but those weren’t Drake’s words), setting in motion a cycle of furious internet outrage. Meanwhile, other news outlets discovered that the real reason Drake was denied service may have had little or nothing to do with the colour of his skin. It’s likely that he was targeted because of British Columbia’s new anti-money-laundering regulations, which require high rollers to disclose the source of their funds. In a statement, Parq said it is “actively investigating this matter.”

Here’s how all of this played out online.

Drake apparently deleted his Instagram post at some point over the weekend. But screenshots of it continue to circulate in the media:

Parq was quick with an apology. A statement from the casino’s management says they “categorically stand against racism of any kind.”

But reaction to Drake’s allegation had already spiralled out of control. It can’t be a coincidence that Parq seems to have lost control of its Instagram account at some point after the incident:

It was only a matter of time before someone made a parody Instagram account:

Drake’s fans appear to have retaliated with some negative online reviews of Parq:

Some fans were skeptical that Drake had truly been “profiled,” but others believed the rapper reflexively:

Whatever else may be true of this incident, it’s going to be dominating Parq’s Google results for a long, long time:

This guy managed to turn his sick burn into a self-own in fewer than 280 characters. Impressive:

Could all of this be part of a grander strategy for Drake to cultivate a new fanbase of Parq haters?

Some Drake defenders don’t understand the point of all these so-called “laws”:

A fair point here. If Drake wants a high-risk/high-reward experience in Vancouver he should shun the casino and hit up a real estate brokerage:

This guy gets it: