Experience luxe island bliss less than three hours away from Toronto

Experience luxe island bliss less than three hours away from Toronto

Insta-worthy pink sand beaches, thrilling shipwreck diving, spas you won’t believe—you can find it all in Bermuda

If you’re looking to not just get away, but to be transported to a whole other world, Bermuda’s iconic beaches and once-in-a-lifetime experiences are less than three hours away from Toronto by air. With Covid-19 protocols—like travel authorization and pre-flight/arrival testing in effect—this Atlantic island 600 miles off the coast of North Carolina is ready to showcase all of the unique luxuries it has to offer. When you’re ready to plan your trip, make sure to add these only-in-Bermuda experiences to your itinerary.

Exploring the Shipwreck.
Shipwrecks galore

Bermuda is known as the Shipwreck Capital of the Atlantic, with approximately 400 wrecks lying deep off its coasts. To the east and north, you’ll find the best-preserved wrecks, and to the west, some of the oldest.

Natura Spa.
One-of-a-kind spas

Restore your energy with a Reiku treatment at the Ocean Spa, where trained therapists perform hands-on treatments to channel healing energies through your body. Or experience something truly novel at Natura Spa, where your organic treatments take place in the breathtaking setting of your choice: a centuries-old cave alongside a peaceful underground lake or in a cabana over a lagoon in a private cove.

Unique cuisine

Because of its unique geographical location and cultural history, Bermuda is home to cuisine that mixes European, African, Caribbean and Indigenous influences. You can’t visit Bermuda without indulging in a national obsession: the fish sandwich. Grab a lightly fried fillet of wahoo or snapper, dressed with tartar sauce and accompanied by cole slaw, at Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy, worth a visit off the beaten path on the outskirts of Hamilton. If you’re visiting September through March, sample spiny lobster (which have no claws!). Many restaurants will feature this island specialty on their menus while in season.

Sea adventures

Book a spot on ÜberVida, a 70-foot custom fibreglass catamaran that offers both snorkelling tours and sunset cruises. If you’re visiting in March or April, catch the majestic humpback migration on a whale-watching cruise. Or if you’re dreaming of the one that got away, hit the seas for deep-sea fishing for marlin, tuna and wahoo.

Signature cocktails

When in Bermuda, go all in on local rum, which is darker and sweeter than others you may have sipped. Order a Dark ’n Stormy, or try the fruity Rum Swizzle, the unofficial national drink invented at the Swizzle Inn, the island’s oldest pub.

The Hamilton Princess and Beach Club.
Hotels with a view

The Hamilton Princess and Beach Club has been one of Bermuda’s travel jewels since 1885, with 400 stunning guest rooms, a picturesque view of the Hamilton Harbour and one of the world’s best hotel art collections. If a small beachfront property is more your speed, consider the old-world charm of Coco Reef boutique resort on Bermuda’s South Shore. Downshift to island mode as you walk along Bermuda’s famed pink sand beach and take in the ocean scenery from the hotel’s Coco Cafe.

Golf heaven

Take your pick of seven scenic golf courses on the island, designed by some of the world’s best architects. Turtle Hill Golf Club, which was just named “Best Par 3 Golf Course in the World” by the World Golf Awards, offers pristine views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Flatt’s Railway Trail Footbridge – Friends of the Railway Trail
Happy trails

The gorgeous Railway Trail, an abandoned railroad track dating back to 1931, winds 29 kilometres around the island. From crystal-blue ocean to lush forest, each vista is more postcard-worthy than the next. Tackle the trail on foot, on a bike or—for a portion—on horseback.

Retail to remember

Don’t leave without treating yourself to an only-in-Bermuda souvenir. Visit Della Valle’s in the city of Hamilton for a pair of custom-made sandals that are fitted to your foot, decorated on a Tuscan leather base of your choice and stamped with your initials in the sole. Over in the town of St. George, Lili Bermuda perfumery has been mixing up fragrances made on-island that you can’t find anywhere else since 1928. Let them help create your own bespoke signature scent as the ultimate island memento.