6 Ways for Every Type of Torontonian to See Europe

6 Ways for Every Type of Torontonian to See Europe

No matter what kind of travel you favour, there’s a Euro trip with your name on it

Photo credits: G Adventures

Some people live for a week-long stint at an all-inclusive resort with a book in one hand and a daiquiri in the other. But what if that’s not really you?

Toronto is a fast-paced city with no shortage of things to do—and for many of its residents, the best vacations are the ones that can keep that momentum. But when you’re exploring a continent as large as Europe, sometimes you need a helping hand during the planning process. Whether it’s settling into a new city’s culture, biking through France or riding the rails through Europe, the adventure travel company G Adventures crafts the kind of vacation experiences people write stories about.

To help you find the perfect itinerary to match your interests, here are six different trips to suit every kind of Torontonian.

For the foodie

If you’re the type of person who knows Grant van Gameren on a first-name basis or shed a tear when you heard the Black Hoof was closing, then a Local Living tour is right up your alley. G Adventures’ European homestay vacations settle you into local living in communities across Italy and Croatia, and are the best way to fully immerse yourself in another country’s culture. More importantly, they’re the best way to flex your foodie muscles, as they include hands-on food experiences to bring you closer to the region’s essential eats.

For the craft beer connoisseur

Have you pub-crawled from the corners of South Etobicoke to the easternmost edges of Leslieville and lived to talk about it? Do you never say no to a sour? Then why not consider a beercation through brew havens from Antwerp to Brussels and Bruges, with more than a few stops for waffles along the way. In Toronto, you’re drinking at brewpubs that are younger than you; on the Belgian Beer Tour, you’ll visit Trappist breweries that are older than Canada.

For the arts and culture junkie

You’re a preferred member of the AGO. You remember the ROM before the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. And you’re already planning your first visit to the new MOCCA. At this point, it feels like you’ve seen almost everything Toronto’s arts and culture scene has to offer. That’s where National Geographic Journeys come in. Created in collaboration with National Geographic and inspired by its legacy of exploration, these European tours can vary from sprawling, multi-week trips to seven-day jaunts featuring countries like Iceland, Spain, France and the Balkans. You’ll visit iconic and unique spots, like historic World War II sites in Normandy and the studio of award-winning and renowned National Geographic photographer and explorer Reza Deghati.

For the geography nut

Europe as a whole is only about two per cent bigger than Canada, but it has quite a bit more packed into it. That’s what makes rail travel so valuable. In less than two weeks, the train can take you from Paris to Budapest, with stops in Switzerland and Germany. Think of it as GO Transit on steroids—but instead of going from Union to the 905, you can stop in Munich, Paris and Vienna, snapping pictures of every locale along the way. Best of all, full-time bicycle commuters can do it all without a driver’s licence.

For the seaworthy traveller

As Jacques Cousteau famously said: “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Anyone looking to live a little like the famous explorer should consider experiencing Europe on the water. Whether you’re taking lengthy coastal sails around the Arctic fjords of northern Norway or historic warm-weather rides through the picturesque Greek isles, G Adventures’ Marine packages are an incredible way to see the sea in a way the Hanlan’s Point ferry could never offer. Sure, the Toronto Islands are lovely come summer, but they can’t quite compete with the sandy shores of Mykonos.

For the hiking enthusiast

If you’ve hiked to every Hamilton waterfall, fished Tommy Thompson Park and cycled Toronto’s lengthy bike paths without breaking a sweat, then consider taking it up a notch with a 10-day trip through the European mountainside that mixes challenging cycling trails with rewarding hikes and rigorous climbs. They’ll make you work for it, but the views of the French, Italian and Swiss Alps are worth the effort. If camping is more your speed, hiking Iceland’s Laugavegur trail ends each night with star-swept landscapes that will take your breath away—that is, if the physically demanding trek to each site hasn’t already done so.

Regardless of what kind of Torontonian you identify as, there’s a European excursion to suit your needs. G Adventures provides carefully planned, one-of-a-kind trips with different types of travellers in mind—so the next time you’re itching to get across the pond, consider one of their spectacular options.