What went down at TL Insider’s Fireside Chat on how not to invest

What went down at TL Insider’s Fireside Chat on how not to invest

Plus: How robo-advisors like RBC InvestEase can help keep you on track

When it comes to investing, for every how-to there is also a how-not-to. In the age of robo-advisors, cryptocurrency and stock bubbles, there’s often a lot of timely ideas floating around regarding the next big investing tip. Though, equally as important are the common steps (and mistakes) to watch out for. On November 17, TL Insider hosted Siân Canavan, head of RBC InvestEase®, for an exclusive virtual Fireside Chat where the experienced wealth management advisory professional detailed her tips on how not to invest. In conversation with Jason Maghanoy, head of business development at St. Joseph Media and associate publisher of Canadian Business, the event kicked off with personal accounts of financial mishaps.

From an overrun student line of credit to investments in high-risk companies, Canavan shared some of the financial learning opportunities that changed her approach to managing money at an early age.

“These mistakes can have really long-lasting repercussions and impacts in terms of your future earnings and investing capabilities,” she shared, adding that “they’re very common and easily avoidable.”

Later, she explained how these investing mishaps often come from poor choices in the stock market, emphasizing the importance of doing your research, seeking assistance if you need it and always determining what your down threshold is. While analyzing common mistakes, the conversation also addressed the financial triumphs that these lessons can lead to.

“One of my biggest triumphs was definitely the day that I maxed out my RSP contribution,” shared Canavan. “There are limits on those [types] of accounts for a reason, there is a lot of money that can be made and a lot of compounding that can be benefitted from by setting the goal to pay your future self by investing today.”

It’s also important to note that, in general, there are ups and downs in the market that can impact how much money you make and whether you will experience gains or losses.

Canavan continued to address some of the small, but common, mistakes Canadians can make when investing, and how some of them can be avoided through the use of a reliable and professionally-designed robo-advisor like RBC InvestEase. Major takeaways included the ability to recognize advice from ideas, thinking your investment choices through rather than acting reactively, understanding the role of luck in headlines around big financial gains and losses, and the risks of overwhelming yourself with investing trends on social media. Before answering questions from audience members, Jason and Siân discussed some of the greatest investing resources to help keep yourself informed and avoid high-risk decisions.

“At RBC InvestEase, we want investing to be accessible to as many Canadians as possible and recognize that financial literacy and educational resources are really critical in helping people get comfortable with this concept and feel empowered when getting started,” she says.

Watch the recorded event here, and visit RBC InvestEase to learn more about how you start investing with a robo-advisor today.

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