The Future of the Restaurant Industry

The Future of the Restaurant Industry

In April, TL Insider will be hosting an entire month of virtual programming focusing on the creativity and resilience of Canada’s dining scene, powered by our imaginative restaurant owners, their innovations and the delicious food that sustains us and brings us joy.

Presented by Uber Eats, the virtual summit will feature some of the very best leaders in our food sector, and will feature keynotes, virtual thought leadership panels, fireside chats, cocktail demonstrations, cooking masterclasses, special offers and more!

Special guests include: Andrew Oliver, Janet Zuccarini, Donna Dooher, the Grape Witches, John Bunner, Rafael Covarrubias, Jordan Wilkinson, Julian lliopoulos, Lola Kassim, Therese Lim and more.

Stay tuned for the full announcement in April.

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