What went down at the TL Insider event on the future of finance

What went down at the TL Insider event on the future of finance

Powered by RBC InvestEase®, TL Insider welcomed Tom Lombardi, Managing Director of 3iQ, for a special installment of The Exchange on May 18. The virtual event featured Lombardi in conversation with Rajan Bansi, Head of RBC InvestEase, and Jason Maghanoy, Associate Publisher of Canadian Business and the Head of Business Development at St. Joseph Media, for a comprehensive discussion on the role of cryptocurrency in the future of finance. 

Lombardi has over twenty years of experience in investment banking and emerging technologies and most recently, his focus has been on bitcoin. He kicked off the event guiding members through the state of cryptocurrency in our current era of technological advancement. “From the introduction of personal computers to mobile phones—every 10 to 15 years, there is a computer cycle and a big movement that follows,” said Lombardi. “I believe, like many people do, that we are in the next cycle with blockchains and cryptocurrency.” Then again, should we be listening to Elon Musk and quickly invest in Dogecoin? He weighed in on that too. 

After witnessing the economic disruptions caused by the pandemic, more Canadians are curious about investing in their financial wellness. The panel addressed how cryptocurrency can be a solution, but emphasized the importance of knowing what you’re getting into. For Bansi, his advice is to avoid investing in what you don’t understand but recognizes the merit in crypto investments. “Digital assets and digital currencies are opportunities in which you can consider investing in an effort to try to make your life easier and better in the long run,” said Bansi. At its core, this phenomenon in the world of finance has a similar mission to that of RBC InvestEase—RBC’s low-cost, low-effort online investing solution (or robo-adviser) aimed at making investing accessible to a new generation. “I think a lot of these fintech solutions, including RBC InvestEase and cryptocurrency, are an extension of our new freedom to be in control of our money,” said Lombardi. 

The event, in part of TL Insider’s Future of Downtown Summit, ultimately served as an information session for members to be brought up to speed on the ins and outs of digital investing and decentralized currencies. It can be confusing, and our experts broke it down from every angle. Answered questions included: What exactly is an NFT? How do blockchains work? What are the rules of development? Lombardi even outlined his approach to diversifying a crypto portfolio. 

Safety and advice from both Bansi and Lombardi’s personal experiences were also major talking points. There’s a lesson in every experience, and sometimes, no matter how much experience you’ve garnered or research you’ve done, mistakes can still happen and you just have to grow from them and be adaptive. 

 “We all make life lessons, some of which can be expensive,” said Bansi. “It’s important to choose based on what you’re comfortable with, keeping in mind that this may change over time.” For Lombardi, a growing collective interest in cryptocurrency is how the digital asset grew to acclaim. His perspective: “Which cryptocurrency to invest in is entirely up to you, but making a small investment in this space gets you the endowment effect that comes with being an owner.” 

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