Zane Caplansky wants your grandmother’s balls

Zane Caplansky wants your grandmother’s balls

Who has the testicular fortitude to take on city's best ballers? (Image: Gotham Nurse)

Caplansky’s Delicatessen is holding its inaugural “Battle of the Bubbies” competition this Sunday in search of the city’s best matzo ball maker. Chief mensch Zane Caplansky points out that the competition is open to anyone—not just bubbies—and there will be two categories to compete under: cannon balls (hard balls) and fluffy balls (soft balls). For the record, Caplansky himself likes the fluffy balls. The judges include Moses Znaimer, Bonnie Stern, David Sax, Lara Rabinovitch and Amy Wilson, so it’s quite clear that these people will know what goes in a good matzo, unlike most food competitions out there (remember when Antonio Sabato Jr. was a judge on Iron Chef?).

The competition starts at 4 p.m. on September 10 at the deli. Contestants must pre-register by calling the restaurant, which just celebrated its first year at its current digs.

Extra incentive: all competitors get a free lunch.

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