Toronto is falling for summer sips by the Wines of Sicilia DOC

Toronto is falling for summer sips by the Wines of Sicilia DOC

Unique Italian dinner experiences serving up fresh, flavourful Italian wine

Sicily embraces its sterling reputation as a food and wine paradise. Its rolling landscape, warm climate and unique terroir allow world-class grapes to grow and thrive which winemakers harvest and cultivate using time-honoured methods, ensuring every bottle delivers the fresh mosaic of flavours Sicilian wine is renowned for.

To connect passionate Italian winemakers with Toronto culinary masters, foodies and aficionados, Wines of Sicilia DOC hosted two global dinner experiences—on June 12 at Casa La Palma and June 27 at Zitto Zitto Taverna—inspired by the exquisite tastes of Italy. 

Guests had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Sicilian winemaking and learn about the sustainable practices of Wines of Sicilia DOC from Ambasciatori del Vino Paul Desroches while sampling delicious Italian appetizers and entrées.

Elegant affairs

Dressed in their finest summer-chic attire, guests were welcomed into La Palma’s elegant open-air event space with a refreshing glass of Grillo—one of Sicily’s most famous white wine grapes. The cozy lounge, with its unique contemporary-meets-Venice-Beach vibe, offered the ideal spot to indulge in a casual yet refined atmosphere.

At Zitto Zitto Taverna, an eclectic collection of Italian art and family photos adorned the walls as guests banded together at long, family-style tables. Soft candlelight flooded the intimate, intrinsically Sicilian space, illuminating the dark-wood furnishings and ornate gold fixtures. 

The atmosphere in these stunning locations was lively and upbeat as guests mingled and socialized while sipping a curated selection of Sicilia DOC wines.

Fresh, flavourful and sustainable

Every wine served was of Sicilia DOC denomination, a distinction awarded only to those vinified, aged and bottled specifically in the Sicily region, emphasizing fresh, honest and environmentally conscious practices throughout their production.

Though winemaking has evolved, most of Sicily’s indigenous grape varieties and time-tested practices continue to play pivotal roles. Meticulous vineyard-tending and gentle grape-handling in its wineries ensure that every Sicilia DOC wine is produced and bottled respectfully, showcasing its vibrant tapestry of tastes. “With their approachable nature and undeniable quality, the Wines of Sicilia DOC invite everyone to savour the unique and enchanting flavours from this beautiful Italian island,” says Desroches. 

Perfect pairings 

Guests discovered the diversity of wine styles within two varietals: Grillo and Nero d’Avola. No two Sicilian wines are alike, as each region of Sicily—from the snowcaps of Mount Etna to the boroughs of Avola—has a different terroir, producing a variety of grapes with different flavours. “The Wines of Sicilia DOC have a vibrancy unlike any other Italian wines thanks to a combination of high acidity and great complexity created by the island’s perfect climate,” says Desroches. “It’s an ideal place to grow wine grapes—you can taste it in the glass!”

Now, these fresh, flavourful wines produced from the indigenous vines of Sicily are available to enjoy at home.

  • Gloria Grillo Organic DOC: A dry, youthful and aromatic white wine with hints of pineapple, lychee and peach. This chilled wine complemented, without overpowering, the albacore tuna crudo at Casa La Palma and the grilled octopus at Zitto Zitto Taverna.
  • Doppio Passo Grillo Sicilia DOC: A juicy, golden yellow wine with fragrant fruitful aromas of apricot, peach and sun-ripened citrus. Sipped alongside the roasted Atlantic salmon at Casa La Palma and the Prosecco-infused risotto from Zitto Zitto Taverna, its lightness harmonized with each dish. 
  • Villa Puccini Grillo Sicilia DOC: A gold Grillo with tropical flavours of pineapple and lemon, subtle notes of white flowers and honey, and a slightly tart finish. Its touch of citrus paired wonderfully with the branzino with spicy rapini at Zitto Zitto Taverna and the charred broccolini and crispy potatoes from Casa La Palma.

  • Cusumano Nero d’Avola: This smooth, medium-bodied red reveals aromas of coffee and spices, and rich flavours of dark cherry and plum with hints of smoke and herbs. Enjoyed with the grilled milk-fed veal chop at Zitto Zitto Taverna and the strawberries-and-cream dessert at Casa La Palma, it intensified each luscious flavour.
  • Firriato Chiaramonte Nero d’Avola 2019: A silky, full-bodied red with delicate hints of chocolate, recalling aromas of plum and blackberries, licorice and dark cocoa. Paired with the black-peppercorn-encrusted Quebec venison tenderloin from Zitto Zitto Taverna and the flat iron steak at Casa La Palma, it made for a mouth-watering combination. 
  • Planeta Santa Cecilia Noto 2018: A spicy, fruit-forward wine offering depths of plum sauce and sage mixed with notes of brown spice and a lifting hint of camphor. The cream-filled mozzarella with prosciutto from Zitto Zitto Taverna and the stracchino, pecorino lupa and black pepper pizza from Casa La Palma paired exceptionally well.
Make every moment memorable

Whether you’re enjoying a multi-course meal at an Italian restaurant or preparing a dish at home, one thing is clear: delicious food and amazing wines don’t have to be expensive. “The Wines of Sicilia DOC are renowned for their great value and their exceptional versatility, making them a delightful choice for wine connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts alike,” says Desroches.

Cheers to summer with elegant refreshments by the Wines of Sicilia DOC.

Cheersing to summer with the Wines of Sicilia at Casa La Palma
Paul Desroches invites guests to try flavourful Sicilian wines at La Palma
Guests mingle over easy-to-drink Sicilia DOC wines at Casa La Palma




Delicious bites at Casa La Palma


Paul Desroches, Ambasciatori del Vino
Glasses up at Casa La Palma
Ambasciatori del Vino provides an overview of Sicilia DOC wines at Zitto Zitto Taverna
Sipping Sicilia DOC wines at Zitto Zitto Taverna
Crowd-pleasing food and drinks for all at Zitto Zitto Taverna
Plenty of Sicilia DOC wine to go around at Zitto Zitto Taverna
Paula Oreskovich, Wines of Sicilia DOC, and Paul Desroches, Ambasciatori del Vino, at Zitto Zitto Taverna


Family-style tables at Zitto Zitto Taverna



Guests sip fine Sicilia DOC wines at Zitto Zitto Taverna