Where to find the best meals for $10 or less in Agincourt

Where to find the best meals for $10 or less in Agincourt

More Budget Bites

We’re scouring the city—neighbourhood by neighbourhood—to find the best budget-friendly, belly-filling meals at independently run kitchens. In this edition, we bring you our top picks from Agincourt, a Scarborough neighbourhood that offers plenty of diverse and delicious fare at affordable prices.

Photo by Daniel Neuhaus
East Court and Mike’s BBQ

For three decades, chef-owner Jack Tsoi has manned the grill at his Chinese barbecue restaurant, filling takeout containers with all kinds of roasted delights. His all-day specials are the main attraction here and include duck on rice ($8.50), a half pound of roast pork ($5.50) and half a free-range chicken ($10).
More budget bites: a pound of barbecue spare ribs ($8), a choice of two roasted proteins on rice ($9.50)


This lunch counter serves up whopping portions of Malaysian comfort food. The best bangs for your bucks are the char kway teow, stir-fried flat noodles with shrimp ($9.95); curry laksa with fish balls, tofu and shrimp ($9.95); and fried curry puffs ($6.90 for six). Pro tip: to avoid the wait, email [email protected] and order in advance.
More budget bites: the weekend-only special of nasi lemak with chicken curry ($9.95)

Desi Mane

South Indian vegetarian dishes are the speciality here. Fill up on masala dosas ($8.50) or the Manchurian platter of fried cauliflower, paneer, mushrooms and baby corn ($10).
More budget bites: vada pav, delicious potato dumpling sliders ($6.50)

Great Fountain Fast Food

This family-owned spot boasts a menu over 200 items long, but their Hong Kong–style diner dishes are where it’s at. Fan favourites include the Macau-style chicken ($9.75) and the fried honey garlic pork chop ($9.75). Bonus: each comes served with soup and a drink.
More budget bites: popcorn squid ($7) and a combo plate of a juicy pork chop and fries ($8.40)

Patty King

Owned and operated by the Chong family since 1981, this Agincourt staple serves up patties ($6.55 for six) and heartier mains, like platters of curry goat ($8.75 small) and jerk pork ($7.05 small). Each comes with a side of rice and peas or white rice.
More budget bites: the Friday escovitch special, fried fish with rice and peas or white rice ($6.81 small, $9.42 large)

Kabob Guys

Filling favourites at this halal Afghan kitchen include the tandoori chicken salad ($10), the beef tikka wrap ($8) and the chaplee (spicy ground beef patties) kabob wrap ($7.50).
More budget bites: mantu, dumplings stuffed with ground beef and onion and served with split peas and yogurt ($8 for five) and bolanee, grilled naan stuffed with spicy potatoes ($8)


Bao Mama

Nina Abacan-Galarde and Elizabeth Buenaventura’s baos have developed a well-deserved cult following. Get your fix with the original crispy chicken ($5.50), pork adobo ($6) or tofu and eggplant ($5.50) versions.
More budget bites: pork spring roll “stix” ($10 for 10 pieces)

Samosa King and Embassy Restaurant

These strip-mall sister spots serve Indian dishes from the northern and southern regions of the country. Best bets include meat thali, a chicken and goat plate with lentils, rice or flatbread, chutney, raita, pickles, and pappadum ($7) or the tandoori chicken and naan ($4.50). The lines are always long, but they move swiftly.
More budget bites: the legendary samosas ($1 for two), feisty chicken chili curry ($5.99 small), savoury mutton rolls ($1.25 each) and heavenly onion pakora ($6 per pound)

Nicey’s Eatery

Doting diners (including one who braved a blizzard last winter for a taste of the Caribbean) have been visiting this spot for over three decades. The menu’s heavy hitters include the jerk chicken sandwich ($5.50), jerk pork ($6.50) and addictive fried dumplings ($1.20 each).
More budget bites: festivals, sweet dumplings ($1.19 each), rice and peas with gravy ($5.70), vegetarian stew in a tomato-based gravy ($9.50), and slices of rum cake ($5.99)