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Cocktails On Fire: the city’s best flaming beverages

Cocktails On Fire: the city's best flaming beverages

There’s nothing subtle about the flaming accents on our new favourite sippers

Where to Drink Now: Cocktails On Fire
Circle Red 1
Sugar and Spice At Jake Valianes’s ­Prohibition-themed Linwood Essentials, the drink to get is Matilda the Unholy One, which combines ­cardamom-infused mezcal and Peat ­Monster scotch with Cherry Heering, chocolate liqueur, pine­apple and lime. $16. 930 Queen St. W., 647-828-9663.

Circle Red 2
Back From the Dead The Zombie for two at Jen Agg’s Rhum Corner is hot pink from passion-fruit juice, and dangerously potent from Lucid absinthe and five types of rum. And yes, that’s why it’s meant for sharing. $21. 926 Dundas St. W., 647-346-9356.
Circle Red 3
Sweet Relief At the Ritz-Carlton, Chris Rail mixes the Bali Hai Mai Tai, a tart sipper of white and aged rum, dry curaçao, orgeat and lime. A flaming lump of white sugar soaked in Bacardi 151 over-proof rum adds a caramel sweetness. $16. 181 Wellington St. W., 416-585-2500.
Circle Red 4
Tropical Storm One sip of the Cradle of Life cocktail from Elan Marks at Weslodge transports you to the tropics. Aged and spiced rum mixed with lemon, lime and orange make for a potent kick. $15. 480 King St. W., 647-660-0999.
Circle Red 5
Smoke Signals At Queen West’s newly opened cocktail bar Rush Lane, Jordan Bushell pours a sazerac sweetened with pumpkin chai syrup, then ignites a spritz of the syrup over the drink to add a toasty finish. He serves it with flaming chai tea incense for aromatic oomph. $16. 563 Queen St. W., 416-551-7540.


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