What’s on the menu at the Rooftop at the Broadview Hotel, the summer’s top east-end hangout

What’s on the menu at the Rooftop at the Broadview Hotel, the summer’s top east-end hangout

The Broadview Hotel is a looker, inside and out, and the revitalized Streetcar Developments property at Queen and Broadview also offers a stunning panorama of the Toronto skyline from its top-floor bar and restaurant, the Rooftop.

The food

While the hotel’s street-level Civic restaurant is still in the works, the Rooftop has its own kitchen run by chef Ryan Michailoff (Cadillac Jenkins, Table 17), with a menu created by east-end restaurateurs Erik Joyal and executive chef John Sinopoli (Gare de L’Est, Ascari Enoteca, Hi-Lo Bar, Table 17).

Fried smelts with harissa mayo. $12.


Jerk pork ribs served with an almost custard-like roasted-corn-and-jalapeño cake, and grilled scallion mayo. $16.


Minced lamb and beef kefta, served with za’atar yogurt, pickled turnips, pomegranate molasses and house-made pita. $17. (Substitute the meat for crispy cauliflower, $15.)


Foie gras parfait served with date-and-sherry butter and simit, a long, bagel-like sesame bread. $19.


The space

Designed by DesignAgency, the Rooftop has seating for 140 people. One of the building’s towers has been converted into a private dining space with an additional 20 seats.

A view of downtown Toronto from Broadview Hotel’s seventh floor rooftop.


The 360-degree skylight view of Riverside from the Rooftop’s enclosed lounge.


The south-facing patio offers a spanning view of the construction of cranes dominating Toronto’s downtown skyline.


The Rooftop kitchen caters the Tower’s private space.


The bar sits on what used to be the Broadview Hotel’s empty roof. There’s a broad selection of wines and cocktails.


A glass wall behind the bar opens to the L-shaped patio, giving guests access to the bar without needing to reenter the glass-enclosed space.

106 Broadview Ave., 416-362-8439, thebroadviewhotel.ca, @BroadviewHotel