What’s on the menu at Vit Béo, a new Vietnamese snack bar inside PrettyUgly

What’s on the menu at Vit Béo, a new Vietnamese snack bar inside PrettyUgly

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It’s now possible to snack on noodles and banh mi at previously food-free PrettyUgly. Vit Béo, a Vietnamese restaurant at Bloor and Ossington, opened a satellite kitchen in the Parkdale cocktail bar earlier this year, serving their takes on Vietnamese dishes until 2 a.m. (They also have pop-ups in Open House Bar and Civil Liberties.) Right now the menu includes things like a banh mi layered with headcheese, pork sausage and paté; BBQ pork belly noodles; and sea bass crudo. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are available, including chef David Huynh’s popular chive dumplings that are based on his grandmother’s recipe and made using rice-flour wrappers. Here’s a look at some of what you can order from the kitchen, along with a few of bartender Joel Savoie’s cocktail creations.

The cucumber salad is made with sesame, tamari, furikake, cilantro and peanuts. $6.


The beef tartare is made with pickled mustard greens, spices, Kewpie mayo, “tamari magic” sauce and fried garlic. It’s served with prawn chips. $11.


The seabass crudo is topped with red pepper jelly, avocado, cucumber and black sesame. $8.


The BBQ pork noodles come in that “tamari magic” sauce and are topped with bok choy, garlic chives, peanuts, sesame, scallions and herbs. $12.


Huynh, putting together the crudo.


Here’s a whole spread.


You can get some dishes to go, as well.


Head bartender Joel Savoie.


Staff favourite Phantom Power is made with gin, Bianco vermouth, lime, bitters and an ingredient called “awesome sauce.” $15.


Lew Drank It All is named after Savoie’s friend who crushed a ton of the drinks when Savoie first created the concoction. It’s a mix of mescal, tequila, vermouth and piña chartreuse. $14.


The Venus cocktail is made with aquavit, bianco vermouth and wormwood liqueur. $14.


The front rug shop still sells rugs but has a few seats for dine-in customers. Others are welcome to take their food to the back bar.


Here’s the back bar.


Here it is again.


Huynh (left) and PrettyUgly co-owner Robin Goodfellow.


Inside PrettyUgly, 1237 Queen St. W., no phone, @vit.beo.to