What’s on the menu at Uncle Mikey’s, a new Asian snack bar with a French twist

What’s on the menu at Uncle Mikey’s, a new Asian snack bar with a French twist

Name: Uncle Mikey’s
Contact: 1597 Dundas St. W., 416-537-8973, @unclemikeysinc
Neighbourhood: Little Portugal
Previously: The Atlantic
Owner and chef: Michael Kim (Brockton General, Le Sélect Bistro)

The food

Asian sharing plates and rice or noodle bowls, prepared using French techniques: Parisian gnocchi with a sauce made from soybean paste and oxtail; a deboned pork chop with a cognac katsu sauce; and tripe simmered in Japanese curry sauce and tomatoes, finished with white wine and parm. The seasonal and local-when-possible menu changes based on what Kim gets daily from purveyors including Sanagan’s and Cheese Boutique.

Ontario heirloom tomatoes, Ontario zebra tomatoes, crispy taro, soy vinaigrette and ginger floss. $8.


Sweet Ontario corn (grilled on the cob, served off the cob) with kimchi schmaltz, Ontario feta and chives. $6.


Kare trippa: tripe simmered in S&B curry sauce and San Marzano tomatoes, finished with white wine and Parmigiano Reggiano. It’s served with a side of grilled Blackbird Baking Co. sourdough. $11.


Katsu: deboned pork chop (Murray’s Farm) with green peppercorn cognac katsu sauce and cabbage salad. $18.


Gjetost ice cream: house-made using caramelized whey cheese, topped with toasted buckwheat. (Kim flirted with the idea of opening an ice cream store in Kensington Market but couldn’t find the right space.) $5.


The drinks

Beer (draft, bottled and canned), soju, plum wine, rice wine cocktails and a list of interesting wines available by the glass. Sake fans will find rare and limited vintages like the Phoenix Junmai Daiginjo, as well as more accessible options.

A sample of the unique bottles, including Weszeli’s Grüner Veltliner Langenlois, and Turner Pageot’s biodynamic orange wine, both available by the glass. For sake, there’s the rare and unpasteurized Kozaemon Hatsu no Shibori Junmai Ginjo Nama, and the house sake, Goddess of Sake Junmai, that’s served out of its magnum bottle ($9.80 for 3oz.).


Toki Whiskey Highball: Toki Japanese whiskey, soda, lemon twist. $11.


The space

The narrow space seats 25 between the front dining area and the back bar. Everything in it, including the tables, bar, shelving and open-panelled ceiling, was built by Kim and his father.

A random assortment of knick-knacks, including a model ship that was left by The Atlantic, line the shelves. Hand-panted floral pieces decorating the walls are by Kim’s sister, Suzy, who worked for Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.


Kim’s six-year-old nephew named the restaurant.