What’s on the menu at Superfly, Parkdale’s funky new lounge in Electric Mud’s old space

What’s on the menu at Superfly, Parkdale’s funky new lounge in Electric Mud’s old space

Name: Superfly
Contact: 8 Brock Ave., 416-551-9603, superflytoronto.com, @superflytoronto
Neighbourhood: Parkdale
Previously: Electric Mud
Owner: Alex Pearce (The Drake, Track & Field, Bangarang) and Zach Pettiford
Chef: John Koplimae (The Drake)
Accessibility: No steps at entrance; washroom up a flight of stairs

The food

Pearce and Pettiford always wanted to open their own disco-inspired party bar, but when Koplimae—who has done a stage at Noma—got involved, they decided that food would be the focus. “We wanted to contribute to the neighbourhood by adding a restaurant, not just another late-night bar.” The menu features classic snacks and sharing dishes, each with Koplimae’s own twists: devilled eggs topped with house-made chicharron, steak tartare on (also) house-made brioche, a grilled avocado salad with a nori-ranch dressing and sweet-and-sour fried chicken.

The devilled eggs (which get their orange hue from annatto) are topped with green tomato and house-made chicharron. $7.


Steak tartare on house-made brioche with shallots, gherkins, chives and capers, topped with dots of sous-vide egg yolk. $11.


The grilled avocado salad features endive, baby gem lettuce, roasted carrots, fennel, black radish and house-made croutons. It’s topped with a nori-ranch dressing. $13.


The pork chop (from Bespoke Butchers) in pork jus is sided with curly endive and roast apples. $23.


Here’s the whole spread.


The drinks

There’s something for everyone here: a bunch of interesting wine, every single one of them available by the glass; signature cocktails, most made with some kind of wine base (be it fortified or sparkling); and a solid selection of hyper-local beers, with the exception of one from Muskoka Brewery. “Well, that and Red Stripe,” says Pearce. “I grew up drinking Red Stripe—it’s a guilty pleasure and it’s a patio crusher.”

The Flower Power Spritz is a mix of rosé, absinthe, St. Germain, cucumber, celery and bubbles. $12.


Can You Dig It mixes Pimms with watermelon, orange and lime juices, sunflower seed orgeat, cider and salt. $13.


The space

Inspired by 1970’s NYC, the space is much brighter and more colourful than it was before. Ceiling tiles mimic a dance floor, the bar is covered in sherbet rainbow fins and the all-season patio is decked out with greenery. But a few things remain from its Electric Mud days: the neon cross outside, the red lampshade over the kitchen pass and the stuffed ostrich in the stairwell (which was probably just easier to leave up).

The ceiling tiles (and menus and coasters) were designed by Toronto-based designer Rachel Sacks.


The private room is a new addition.


Here’s the all-season patio.