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Weekly Lunch Pick: the lobster burger at Luma

Weekly Lunch Pick: the lobster burger at Luma

At the Bell Lightbox’s sleek upmarket restaurant, chef Jason Bangerter elevates Bay Street bistro standards with innovative changes. The premium-priced burger, reminiscent of those found at Nota Bene and Bymark, gets a rethink as he swaps out the beef for five ounces of lobster. The moist patty is nestled inside one of David Wilson’s (formerly of Thuet Bakery) sweet pain au lait buns along with crisp lettuce, red and yellow tomato and briny house-made mayonnaise. (Warning: this is a knife and fork affair.) The burger comes with a cucumber-daikon vinaigrette slaw and Luma’s own potato chips.

The cost: $26 before tax and tip.

The time: 72 minutes (20 of which were spent nursing a delightful virgin Cider House Rules cocktail that tastes like apple pie, $8).

Luma, Bell Lightbox, 2nd flr., 330 King St. W., 647-288-4715,


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