Toronto Maple Leaf Auston Matthews dishes his favourite delivery restaurants

Toronto Maple Leaf Auston Matthews dishes his favourite delivery restaurants

Uber Eats offers Torontonians like Matthews a new way to discover worlds of flavour

By Lola Kassim, General Manager of Uber Eats in Canada

Known for its diversity and booming energy, Toronto is celebrated internationally for its thriving culinary scene. The blending of so many vibrant global communities is the foundation of our city. The best way to explore the city? Food.

With Uber Eats, finding new delicacies is much more accessible—exposing unique and exciting restaurants, helping cross spots off your bucket list, satisfying those late-night cravings, and helping deliver the meals and ingredients you need. And with an Uber One membership, you can save even more on deliveries, groceries and rides, as well as gain access to special offers and promotions. What’s not to love?

Just ask Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs, a proud Uber One member. Here are his top three Uber Eats picks, plus insights from the proud restaurateurs.

Impact Kitchen

Offering healthy, nutrition-forward meals, Impact Kitchen empowers foodies with its commitment to quality and sustainability, using only local, ethically sourced ingredients.

As a nutrition expert and former personal trainer, I approach Impact Kitchen as a lifestyle brand,” says co-founder Josh Broun. “We support our customers, from pro athletes to busy professionals, to live healthier lives.”

“We’re going to make dishes with high-quality ingredients, or we aren’t making it at all,” Broun continues, sharing insight from business partner Frank Toskan. “Uber helps make our mission that much easier, giving people healthier and more sustainable options, conveniently delivered right to their door.”

Matthews’ go-to order? The Warrior Bowl with no olives, and a side of falafel and smoked chorizo.

“Discovering new restaurants is a great way to get to know a city. When I first moved to Toronto, I was excited about exploring its diverse food scene”

—Auston Matthews, The Toronto Maple Leafs

Miku Toronto

Toronto’s first dedicated aburi restaurant, Miku Toronto is well known for its flame-seared sushi and specially curated menu that combines fine Japanese multi-course dining with modern west-coast influences.

“Premium sushi used to be something people would have during special occasions, but enjoying it whenever you want has been normalized,” says Junnosuke Fujikawa, chef de cuisine at Miku Toronto. “With locally sourced seafood and traditional Japanese ingredients like sushi, rice and more, our menu reflects Canada and Japan.”

Extravagantly laced with Miku’s signature sauce, Matthews’ favourite flame-seared Aburi Oshi salmon roll is a must-try. “It’s an honour to know that Auston enjoys our fusion and authentic Japanese dishes,” says Fujikawa.

Pi Co.

Expect exceptional made-to-order pizzas from Pi Co., which delivers a totally new, fresh take on traditional Italian fare. 

Toronto is a foodie city with a food-centric environment. We’re giving diners access to quick-service pizza, salad and more without compromising quality,” says Marc Askenasi, co-founder of Pi Co. “We have options for everyone, including a notable gluten-free crust. Being early adopters of Uber Eats, we were able to make our already convenient model even more convenient with reliable, timely deliveries.”

A choose-your-adventure establishment, Pi Co. offers meals exactly how you want them. Matthews’ favourite? The Camden Special, topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, chorizo, spinach and roasted garlic.

“Ordering on Uber Eats really simplified delivery and helped me find my go-to spots for everything, from quick, healthy snacks to my favourite pizza. There are just so many options in Toronto”

—Auston Matthews, The Toronto Maple Leafs

Uber Eats isn’t just a delivery platform—it’s a platform for restaurant discovery, helping restaurants and local businesses across the city connect with new customers like you. What’s the best way to support local restaurants? Dining in. The next best way? Uber Eats.

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