Toronto’s five best microbrews

Toronto’s five best microbrews

Local microbreweries are experimenting with bold flavours, creating surprising and original beers. Here, the best pints and where to enjoy them.

Arkell Best Bitter from Wellington Brewery (Photo by Daniel Shipp)

Big Wheel Deluxe Amber, Amsterdam Brewery
Brewed on Bathurst, this Rubenesque Bavarian-style doppelbock (as fun to say as it is to drink) sports the vibrant orange hue of an Oompa Loompa and the yeasty aroma of Maltesers. $6.25. Watusi.

Hop Addict, County Durham Brewing Co.
This Pickering-brewed, clear, golden ale is hoppier than a bullfrog on a hot plate. The ale’s easy-drinking style is best appreciated in the late afternoon or during a heated game of euchre. Pair a pint with smoked salmon. $6.10. The Ceili Cottage.

Amber Passion, The Three Brewers
Do you know what passion tastes like? It tastes like beer, apparently. There is, indeed, a fresh maltiness and even a hint of ripe raspberry in this aromatic ale. Enjoy a pint with homemade flammenkuche (that’s sauceless pizza to you and me). $5.50. The Three Brewers.

Stratford Pilsner, Stratford Brewing Co.
The golden hue, creamy head and peppered apricot flavours of this unpasteurized beer are almost sonnet worthy. It even has enviro-cred: mash left over from the brewing process is donated as feed for local farm animals. $6. Three Speed.

Arkell Best Bitter, Wellington Brewery
This cask beer undergoes a secondary in-cask fermentation that results in a very light, naturally carbonated tipple. With a subtle sour cream flavour and an aroma that’s reminiscent of miso paste and grapefruit, the Arkell is an advanced beer for the serious imbiber. $7. The Queen and Beaver.