Toronto’s best five restaurants to go for a business lunch

Toronto’s best five restaurants to go for a business lunch

The top five spots to break bread, dent the expense account and sign a deal while you’re at it

Best for a Business Lunch

A $1 million facelift loosened the tie of Oliver and Bonacini’s flagship Canoe, while the breathtaking view from the 54th floor never fails to awe. It tops our chart for the expertly executed haute Canadiana and service that’s as polished as the silver. 66 Wellington St. W., 416-364-0054.

In summer, Bymark’s coveted patio is prime real estate for discreet people watching and luxury comfort food. Inside or outside, crackerjack servers work the tables like ninjas, making sure no one is late for their two o’clock meeting. 66 Wellington St. W., 416-777-1144.

Anchoring the women’s club Verity, George has a feminine vibe that’s a salubrious antidote to Bay Street’s testosterone cacophony. Chef Lorenzo Loseto makes stunning, innovative plates backed by a smart selection of offbeat wines. 111C Queen St. E., 416-863-6006.

Reds Bistro and Wine Bar is a magnet for oenophiles, who buzz like fruit flies around the deep cellar and hover over a list that includes 80 wines by the glass. Chef Michael Steh’s legendary charcuterie pleases the large, raucous groups. 77 Adelaide St. W., 416-862-7337.

It’s tough to focus on food when the Brothers Dressler’s jaw-dropping wooden sculpture undulates along the lofty ceiling. Aria’s beef carpaccio, homemade pasta and a crisp soave bring your attention back to the plate. 25 York St., 416-363-2742.

(Image: Aria’s red wine–cured beef sirloin carpaccio, arugula and parmigiano, by John Cullen)