Morning Glory

Our picks for the city’s best breakfast sandwiches to start the day off right

Donna’s Steak-and-Egg Sandwich

10 The newest breakfast sandwich at this Junction–Wallace Emerson bistro was (ever so slightly) inspired by a Tim Hortons creation of similar components. But we’re not sure how much credit Timmies should get for this morning delight of griddled beef shoulder piled high on a Portuguese bun along with silky sautéed onions, spicy ketchup and a fried egg that retains a surprising amount of yolk. $11. 827 Lansdowne Ave.,

Ming’s Noodle Cafe’s Pineapple Bun Breakfast Sandwich

9 This Scarborough spot is best known for Hong Kong–style fried rice and noodle soup, but the breakfast sandwich is its secret star. The main attraction is the crackly topped pineapple bun, which contains a cross-section of peameal bacon, a gorgeously runny egg, a slab of cheese, and some lettuce and tomato to dress it up a bit. $7.95. 103-3447 Kennedy Rd.,

Gold Standard’s Gold Standard Sandwich

8 The pocket-sized sandwiches from this west-end snack counter are wrapped in gold foil and perfect for on-the-go sustenance. Their version of a classic BEC (bacon, egg and cheese, for the uninitiated) layers an aioli-slathered English muffin with cheddar scrambled eggs, bacon, pickles, habanero hot sauce and some kale to assuage any concerns one might have about consuming so much griddled goodness before noon. $7 (plus $1.25 for kale and bacon). 385 Roncesvalles Ave. and 1574 Queen St. W.,

Avling’s Egg Soufflé Sandwich

7 Breakfast sandwiches tend to be over-the-top creations. Not so for this intentionally restrained offering from chef Eva Chin. She puts the egg front and centre, featuring a fluffy puck of free-range egg on buttered Texas toast with a thin layer of melted white cheddar, a clutch of sautéed shiitake and a ramekin of house hot sauce. It pairs wonderfully with one of Avling’s seasonal beers—hey, call it brunch—made with herbs and aromatics from the rooftop garden. $15. 1042 Queen St. E.,


Robinson Bread’s Frittata on Focaccia

6 Rise and shine for Patti Robinson’s breakfast sandwich. Visit her Parkdale bakery, which shares space with Sam James coffee, on a Thursday or Friday morning for a wedge of fluffy frittata dressed with Montforte Dairy pecorino fresco, peppery arugula and a punchy, garlicky romesco sauce on freshly baked rosemary focaccia. $9. 6 Brock Ave.,

Primrose Bagel’s Bodega Bagel

5 This morning creation from Oakwood Village’s popular bagel shop is like a breakfast Big Mac minus the beef. In lieu of the patties is a fried cage-free egg topped with cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, dill pickle coins and a kicky garlic mayo. Get it on your choice of buttered and toasted bagel—or stick with sesame to stay on theme. $9. 317A Oakwood Ave.,

When the Pig Came Home’s Wake and Bake

4 For a truly Toronto take on a breakfast sandwich, this Junction deli splits open a buttery, flaky (and spicy—always ask for spicy) made-in-house beef patty and stuffs it with a fried egg, a couple strips of house-smoked bacon, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, and—because veggies—a tomato slice and some greens. Until recently, it was on their secret menu, but the secret’s out. Available Wednesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to noon. $9.30. 384 Keele St.,

Emmer’s Sausage, Egg and Cheese Muffin

3 Harbord Street’s go-to for all things sourdough makes a rarefied riff on the classic McMuffin. A sausage patty—cured and ground in house—is griddled on the flat-top, placed on a buttered sourdough English muffin, and crowned with a silky folded omelette, sharp white and American cheddar slices, and house-fermented hot sauce. The line to snag one will be longer than at McD’s, but it’s worth the wait. $10. 161 Harbord St.,

Lazy Daisy’s Son-of-a-Rise

2 If the medium is the message, then the message received from this east-end breakfast sandwich is: Wow, that’s a honkin’ big biscuit. All eyes are on the buttermilk beauties that serve as the base for this Little India café’s signature sandwiches, like the one that comes with smoked bacon, aged white cheddar, avocado, tomato, a fried free-run egg and a choice of chipotle or garlic mayo. Some smooshing is required to get your mouth around it, but the reward is a buttery, biscuity breakfast bite. $12.95. 1515 Gerrard St.,

Alma y Gil’s Avocado Rösti Breakfast Sando

1 During the pandemic, Gerry Quintero and Mandy Sou started slinging their sandos at Davisville’s Hot Black Coffee. Many sold-out weekends later, they now have their own space in the Junction Triangle, selling house-made kombucha, baked goods and brunch. Our favourite sandwich here starts with a squishy brioche bun and adds an over-easy egg, avocado slices, a squeeze of lime, a sheet of crispy fried cheddar, caramelized onion sauce and—the clincher—a crunchy base layer of potato rösti. It’s all wrapped up in a cute little paper pocket to catch the inevitable exploding yolk. $13. 1543 Dupont St.,