This Toronto man made a freakishly large Ferrero Rocher, and you can too

This Toronto man made a freakishly large Ferrero Rocher, and you can too

Orwell and his creation.

This Christmas, you could bake up your usual batch of shortbread cookies or gingerbread men, or you could take a cue from Toronto-based entrepreneurSol Orwell and make a freakishly large Ferrero Rocher. Orwell, whose business has absolutely nothing to do with confections, has made a hobby of making ginormous versions of chocolate bars, including a three-pound Kit-Kat, a five-pound peanut butter cup and a Ferrero Rocher the size of a goddamn bowling ball. And you can too! Just follow the steps below to make a dessert with some serious wow factor. According to Orwell, he tackled the treat with 11 friends and failed to finish it, so unless you’re hosting or attending a party with more than 20 people, one should be more than enough.

What you’ll need

* Marshmallow fluff
* 2 tbsp of ground hazelnuts
* 5 jars of Nutella
* 1 chocolate cheesecake
* 3 lbs of dark chocolate, melted
* 2 lbs of chopped hazelnuts
* Package of thin vanilla wafers
* A seven-inch silicone hemisphere

The Recipe

1. To make the inner “hazelnut,” mix marshmallow fluff with the ground hazelnut. The idea is to mix it in together well enough that you can then form a ball. Place into the fridge to cool.

2. Take the cheesecake, remove any hard base and any extraneous toppings, and crumble into a bowl. Use a spatula to add in one jar of Nutella. Blend. Continue the process with the remaining four jars of Nutella.

3. Pour the mixture into the two silicone hemispheres. Refrigerate until solid.

4. Once the hemispheres have cooled and solidified, pop one out, turn it upside down, and place on top of a bowl or dish that is smaller than the width of the hemisphere. Place this bowl on top of a plate (because it gets messy). Apply a thin layer of the melted chocolate on a small surface of the hemisphere; using the chocolate as a form of “glue,” start placing wafers on the chocolate. Continue until covered. Place in fridge and repeat with second hemisphere.

5. Once the hemispheres have cooled, remove one from the fridge and apply another thin layer of chocolate.

6. Scatter handfuls of chopped hazelnuts over the melted chocolate coating. (You’ll need to gently press the nuts into the lower sections.) Place in fridge to cool, and repeat the process with the second hemisphere.

7. Remove from fridge and add the last layer of chocolate. Place back in fridge and repeat with other hemisphere.

8. Place paper towels into a small bowl, then flip and place a hemisphere so it snuggly fits into the bowl. Repeat for the other hemisphere. Use a spoon to carve out the middle and scoop in the hazelnut-marshmallow mixture.

9. Now take some melted chocolate and apply it to the exposed inside of one of the hemispheres. Take the other hemisphere, flip it around, and place it on top. You may need to give a slight squeeze to get them to stick together. Behold: Your freakishly large Ferrero Rocher.

Wait, you’re not finished

Wrap that thing in a roll’s worth of gold foil. Congratulations, you just won Christmas.

Orwell and his masterpiece.