Toronto is now out-partying Montreal

Toronto is now out-partying Montreal

After years of being known for its rather conservative party scene, is Toronto finally getting its act together? Resto-lounge mogul Toufik Sarwa says yes; in fact, Toronto now outshines Montreal as the best party city in the country, he tells BlogTO.

Ten years ago, I wanted to get the hell out of here. Now you couldn’t push me out. Even New York has reached its nighttime apex, and there’s a feeling in Toronto that it’s continually evolving and still has room to grow…that’s a good feeling.

Coming from a man who brought the party back to College Street with Cinq 01, and, before that, Yorkville with Amber, his opinion should probably be taken with a grain of salt. Reasons for the diagnosis: it might be Toronto’s economy, or the fact that we are more recognized internationally, or maybe, just maybe, we’ve learned to loosen up a little bit.

Sarwa, who admits he probably wouldn’t have opened Cinq 01 on College Street if it was booming like it was six years ago, says he has no immediate intentions to proliferate the party elsewhere. “I want to see Cinq 01 realize its full potential before I spread myself too thin.” Regardless, while even New York has reached its nightlife climax, Sarwa says, Toronto still has room to grow. Let the party continue.

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