Toronto’s five best house-made pickles

Toronto’s five best house-made pickles

Lovingly brined, jarred and served by the city’s star chefs, these pickles are the best of the puckery pack

Best House-made Pickles

The Drake chef Anthony Rose ferments bushels of cherry bomb peppers, the little Jewish deli–style fireballs, and sends them out with a variety of dishes. 1150 Queen St. W., 416-531-5042.

Jamie Kennedy of Gilead Bistro preserves pungent wild leeks (which add depth of flavour to vinaigrettes) with a slice of beet for added colour. 4 Gilead Pl., 647-288-0680.

In the Italian kitchen at Buca, golden figs are preserved in a sugar–mustard seed brine, extending their tragically fleeting season. 604 King St. W., 416-865-1600.

Pickled with coriander seed and star anise, Niagara Street Café’s honey mushrooms are chewy yet slippery, a nice fit with Nick Liu’s rabbit rillettes. 169 Niagara St., 416-703-4222.

Cowbell’s artichoke hearts are steeped in vidal vinegar and topped with lemon olive oil. They make a nutty garnish for seared pickerel. 1564 Queen St. W., 416-849-1095.

(Image: Gilead Bistro’s wild leeks, by John Cullen)