Tim Hortons gets creamed, T.O.’s best get-it-on restaurants, a USB-powered microwave

Tim Hortons gets creamed, T.O.’s best get-it-on restaurants, a USB-powered microwave

A salt accusation: Those living near fast-food restaurants—like this one, located next to a veterinary hospital—are at an increased risk of stroke. (Photo by Everjean)

• A Texas study reveals that people who live near fast-food chains are more likely to have a stroke because they’re more inclined to consume the sodium-rich foods. The maximum amount of sodium the average person should consume in a day is 1,500 milligrams. A slice from Pizza Pizza contains a whopping 1,920 milligrams. [Vancouver Sun]

• As the dine-in-the-dark O. Noir prepares to open, the Star decided to take the opportunity to list the best restaurant washrooms where couples can get it on. Among the suggestions are Delux (sturdy sink fixtures), Spice Route (red lighting) and Osteria Ciceri e Tria (the speakers play audio from Italian TV). [Toronto Star]

• Tim Hortons, the goliath of caffeine, gets bigger with news that it’s teaming up with Cold Stone Creamery, an American ice cream chain that mixes its ice cream and toppings on a slab of cold stone. The co-branded outlets will be tested in Mississauga, Toronto, Hamilton, Oakville and Pickering. [PR Newswire]

• McDonald’s demonstrates the horrors of synergy by having local designer (and one-time Project Runway Canada contestant) Lucian Matis and other fashion industry types (CityLine’s Lisa Rogers) shill for its new salads. The “brand ambassadors” will be blogging style tips on fashionflavour.ca and will be at Dundas Square on June 23 (free salads!) to give style tips and rethink their career paths. [Marketing Mag]

• Heinz teamed up with the British design firm Frazer Designers to produce the world’s smallest microwave, which is hooked up to a computer’s USB port. The awkwardly named Beanzawave retails for around $185 and is marketed to busy office workers who consider the trip to the office kitchen too much of an ordeal. [UK Daily Mail]