There’s still a chance to be yelled at by Gordon Ramsay when he comes to T.O.

There’s still a chance to be yelled at by Gordon Ramsay when he comes to T.O.

Jamie Kennedy, David Rocco, Massimo Capra and Mark McEwan show off their creations at the George Brown cooking school (Image: Karon Liu)

The city’s celebrity chefs converged at the George Brown cooking school yesterday at a media launch for Chef’s Challenge, November 20’s Hell’s Kitchen–esque fundraiser for Mount Sinai hosted by Gordon Ramsay. The premise is that five of the city’s top chefs—Mark McEwan, David Rocco, Jamie Kennedy, Massimo Capra and Lynn Crawford—will head up a team of 10 (consisting of the top 50 fundraisers) and cook the same three-course menu. Ramsay and a panel of yet-to-be-announced judges will determine who cooked it best.

Ramsay appeared via a pre-taped video message—he was probably still in London or preoccupied with news that yet another man who appeared on Kitchen Nightmares killed himself. Crawford was also a no-show, but had Joel Hock of Solutions With Impact (the firm handling the event) literally throw down a metal spoon to kick off the fundraising part of the competition.

Afterward, the chefs mingled with the media and offered hors d’oeuvres to everyone. While sampling crostini from McEwan, The Heat host confided, “I hope [Ramsay] doesn’t yell at me. I don’t know how he’ll react.” He also quipped about how old he felt as a George Brown alumni (Kennedy is also a fellow graduate, having been an alumni since 1977). Rocco, the non-chef in the bunch, said that his mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, so he immediately jumped at the opportunity to do Chef’s Challenge.

The top fundraiser so far raised $7,000, and considering there are 49 other open spots, there are still good chances of scoring a place among the chefs without having to take out a second mortgage.