The TIFF cocktail list is out: this year’s celebrity-themed drinks

The TIFF cocktail list is out: this year’s celebrity-themed drinks

The Oh Golly Molly! looks suspiciously like a regular martini (Image: James Mulholland)

With September looming, the annual swarm of boozers and cruisers is about to descend upon our city. No, not incoming U of T students—the Toronto International Film Festival is nigh. The Hazelton Hotel played host to the first of many TIFF events (and our first celeb sighting of the season—Brandon Walsh, oops, Jason Priestley, hanging in the lobby, talking about a visit to the Astral Media studios), with official sponsor Skyy vodka unveiling its annual celebrity-themed cocktails. In years past, such Canucks as Don McKellar, Ellen Page and Lisa Ray have been immortalized in alcohol. Here, the cocktails a lucky few will be sipping on the party circuit.

The Sweet Tart Tricia, named for Canadian model turned actress Tricia Helfer (or, as Battlestar Galactica fans will forever know her, Six), who’s starring in A Beginner’s Guide to Endings. Lemonade, lemon grass syrup and soda water are garnished with a stalk of lemon grass in this subtly sweet drink.

The Berry Baruchel, for Jay Baruchel—he’ll be plugging Good Neighbours this festival. Lemon juice, elderflower cordial and blueberry juice are topped with a heaping serving of blueberries (probably the closest anyone will get to antioxidants during TIFF) for a fruity finish.

The Oh Golly Molly! Martini honours the fabulous Molly Parker (Trigger). Just vodka and vermouth with olives or a lemon twist make this a simple (and boozy) choice for traditionalists.