The Pick: Joshua Jensen-Nagle’s dreamy echoes of the golden age at Bau-Xi Photo

The Pick: Joshua Jensen-Nagle’s dreamy echoes of the golden age at Bau-Xi Photo

“Quiet Confusion,” “Silent Places” and “Lost Days” (Images: Joshua Jensen-Nagle/courtesy: Bau-Xi Photo)

Every generation idealizes one that came before—just ask Gil Pender from Midnight in Paris. Another case in point: the Instagram phenomenon. With a quick point and tap, anyone with an iPhone can create hyper-stylized, retro-shabby art photography that looks straight out of the ’70s. The breezy, warm-toned photos that crowd Facebook feeds and Pinterest boards are pretty but soulless—their desperate artificiality shines through the soft-lit patina. New Jersey-born photographer Joshua Jensen-Nagle embraces the romantic nostalgia of the Instagram generation—but he also brings a fine art sensibility to his lush images.

Jensen-Nagle uses toy and pinhole cameras and hand-treats his prints with gold leaf and splattered paint. The photos in his latest exhibit, “Quiet Reminiscence,” currently on display at Bau-Xi Photo, were taken in Europe with vintage Polaroid film. The distorted dimensions and filters of the film give the photos their texture; after developing the film, Jensen-Nagle scanned them into large archival inkjet prints and mounted them on Plexiglas.

While Instagram photos might look like your mom’s old beach shots, Jensen-Nagle’s wonderful pieces channel French Impressionist paintings (one in particular, entitled “Lost Days,” feels like a clear nod to Camille Pissarro’s Avenue de l’Opéra series). Even though we know they’re not authentic, the gauzy, blurred images feel as though they were discovered in a box lying around someone’s attic—they capture still waters, stately buildings and cast iron streetlights, evoking imagined memories of 19th-century grand tours. Jensen-Nagle’s dreamy photos are equipped with a wondrous ability: they transport their subjects and their viewers back to an elusive (and illusory) golden age.

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