The most refreshing summer beverages you can find right now–including the buzz-worthy new Fresca Sparkling Soda Water

The most refreshing summer beverages you can find right now–including the buzz-worthy new Fresca Sparkling Soda Water

Though it took summer some time to show face, it has finally arrived! That means so have the days of leisurely park hangs, morning jogs along the waterfront, epic cottage weekends with friends and evening ice cream missions. It also means it’s time to find your staple summer beverage. You know, the versatile pick you can grab on your way out the door, pack for some picnic hydration or mix with tequila for a tasty cocktail. Trust us: once the temperature starts rising, you’re going to want to have a fridge stocked with portable refreshments—whether for a solo afternoon pick-me-up or a spontaneous patio party.

To help you choose your signature summer drink (because yes, everyone needs to have one), we’ve selected three of the best options available right now that you’re sure to love.

For the Instagram addicts: Fresca Sparkling Soda Water

Calling all Fresca fans: there’s a brand-new twist on the classic beverage you know and love. It’s called Fresca Sparkling Soda Water, and it’s already generating a ton of buzz among Fresca enthusiasts. It’s made with carbonated water and natural flavours, and is basically a lighter, unsweetened version of the original. It comes in three oh-so-subtle citrusy flavours: Peach Citrus, Grapefruit Citrus and Black Cherry Citrus—each of which has hints of natural fruit flavours with a distinctly crisp finish. They have zero sugar and zero calories—so you won’t feel guilty about sipping them all day long.

The cans themselves are especially chic: they’re delightfully vintage-inspired and look like the kind of beverage you’d find in Italy in the 1960s. So, not only is the beverage super-refreshing to the taste, but it also makes the ultimate accent to all your summer Instagram content. Picture a can artfully placed next to a pool and a straw sunhat, or beside a colourful summer salad on your patio. Or, sip on one through a metal straw to make your dockside selfie extra-cute (and sustainable, of course).

For the always active: Glaceau vitaminwater

Since it launched in 2008, vitaminwater has been the go-to hydration choice for Torontonians on the hunt for water that will do more than just quench your thirst. Its rainbow of a dozen flavours (including four with zero sugar) all contain different blends of vitamins and nutrients – with 0-130 calories per bottle – designed for whatever your day has in store. For instance, vitaminwater xxx is packed with antioxidants and vitamins C and E, while vitaminwater squeezed contains zinc and vitamin B. Bonus? Each flavour always has 100 per cent of your recommended daily vitamin C intake. This year, the brand is coming out with an even sleeker look, so keep an eye out on shelves when you’re searching for that that revitalizing water with something more.

For the water purists: smartwater sparkling flavours

smartwater has been the go-to bottle for Torontonians on the hunt for premium, electrolyte enhanced water for years, and the brand knows a thing or two about breaking the status quo. The latest lineup of smartwater sparkling flavoured water is ideal for those who want the same pure, crisp taste of smartwater with an added dose of flavour and bubbly excitement.

smartwater sparkling has delicate effervescence, natural flavours and zero calories. The new flavour combinations are super-exotic: there’s the sweet and citrusy Strawberry Blood Orange, the crisp Fuji Apple Pear and the delicately floral Raspberry Rose. They’re the perfect complement to a grilled vegetable salad on their own, and also mix wonderfully with gin or tequila for a light cocktail.