The lickable James Bond, a new organics logo, a defence of ketchup

The lickable James Bond, a new organics logo, a defence of ketchup

Bond gets creamed: This snack may be the public's only chance to lick Daniel Craig (Photo by PA)

• Del Monte has created a Daniel Craig Licence to Chill lollipop after polling British women about which celebrity they’d most like to see “on the end of a stick.” The Craig lollies will be available during National Ice Cream Week, June 2 to 7. [Telegraph]

• In 1999, rising culinary star Pascal Ribreau’s career was sidelined when he was paralyzed from the chest down in a car crash. Bay Street lawyer Michael Shannon took his case, and now, 10 years later, he and Ribreau are business partners at the Mount Pleasant restaurant Célestin. Ribreau does the cooking from a vertical wheelchair, and Shannon does the investing—and eating. [Globe and Mail]

• Canada’s new organic food regulations will come into effect next month, and the government has whipped up a new logo to identify the affected products. Twenty-two-year-old OCAD grad Allison Carter decided the government’s go at branding was generic and lame, so she developed her own rendition—and, we must admit, it makes us more excited about organics than the feds ever could. [National Post]

• From Slate’s food issue, a paean to lard. It may have a bad rep, but food writer and blogger Regina Schrambling insists that lard is the tastiest, most environmentally friendly and, yes, even the healthiest of all fats. We couldn’t agree more. [Slate]

• In celebration of ketchup’s 100th birthday, Shelley Fralic makes an impassioned defence of the red stuff. Banned in her childhood home, the kitchen table staple is not just versatile, but a Canadian culinary icon. [Vancouver Sun]