Deliverable Delicacies

In 2021, gourmet subscriptions are much more than coffee beans and organic produce. Here, some of our favourite set-it-and-forget-it edibles

An at-home dining series from the Restaurant at Pearl Morissette

For the ultimate indulgence, there’s a brand-new dinner subscription from one of Canada’s top-rated kitchens. Sign up, and every couple of weeks, you’ll get a five-star meal from the Restaurant at Pearl Morissette, to be eaten in the comfort of your home. The Discovery Experience is different every time but always includes dinner for two from chefs Daniel Hadida and Eric Robertson and a bottle of their vineyard’s wine. It’s a good reason to get dressed up two nights a month—even if the destination is your own dining room table. $995.

Cake from Le Dolci

If ever there were a time to get a whole cake delivered to your door every month, it is now. There will be good days (we hope), there will be bad ones (without a doubt), and then there will be days when Le Dolci brings you one of their artisanal creations. Flavours and designs vary monthly, but expect many frosting-filled layers, plenty of sprinkles and lots of Swiss meringue buttercream. So think of literally anything to celebrate (like seriously contemplating taking up a new hobby or wearing something other than sweatpants) and dig in. $240 for six months.

Ready-to-bake frozen pizzas from General Assembly

And then the lord said, “Let there be a pizza subscription service.” And it was good. Mid-pandemic, Toronto’s General Assembly Pizza started selling their sourdough pizzas—chewy, blistered crusts included—vac-packed and frozen, ready for home freezers or a five-minute stint in the oven. Then they took it one step further and introduced what may well be the world’s first pizza subscription service: a stack of frozen pies delivered to your door, porch, lobby or stoop on the day of your choosing. Every. Single. Month. Hallelujah. $39 and up.

Mix-your-own cocktail kits from Reyna on the Rocks

Reyna on the Rocks, the boozy brainchild of Nicki Laborie, owner of Bar Reyna and Reyna on King, is a new online bottle shop that sells the ingredients and tools to make all kinds of killer cocktails. We especially like the monthly kits: they come with recipe cards for two cocktails and enough ingredients to make eight drinks (or one really, really, really big one). Just pick your poison (rum, bourbon, gin, vodka, bartender’s choice), how often you want a delivery (monthly, or up to every six months) and wait patiently. $91.99 and up.

A selection of seltzers from Lark

If it seems next to impossible to cut back on booze right now, we get it. It might help, however, to have bottles of fancy fizzy water at your disposal. Zero-waste Toronto company Lark sources mineral-rich alkaline water from a Barrie-area spring and turns it into still and sparkling drinks in a variety of flavours. The Colette Set of six includes some sparklers, a floral and citrusy bubble-free beverage, as well as some barista-standard oat milk. $31 a month.

A haul of fresh fish from Seafood Crate

The recurring subscription boxes from Seafood Crate come chock full of every delicious creature under the sea, and more. One box has everything you need for a Spanish fiesta, another has DIY sushi ingredients. We like the Honestly Fresh crate, which comes with 10 never-frozen seven-ounce filets, including B.C. snapper, bigeye tuna and Icelandic cod. $111.

A bundle of bread from Blackbird Baking Co.

For those who never got their hands on yeast or flour to cultivate sourdough babies (or just couldn’t be bothered to do so, because life) there’s Blackbird Baking Co., one of the only Canadian bakeries to have a starter sample in Belgium’s Puratos Sourdough Library (yes, that’s a thing). The bakery is offering a limited subscription service, and the Family Pack includes more than enough bread—baguettes, focaccia, croissants and more—to satisfy carb cravings until the next delivery. Sometimes it’s best to just leave it to the experts. $70.

A grill-ready mix of meat from Niku Farms

It’s the middle of winter, and a year into a global pandemic, so it’s perfectly normal to feel a bit more primal these days. Let your carnivorous instincts run wild—sustainably, of course—with a subscription to one of FoodShare’s meat boxes. Partnering with Niku Farms, which sources its meat from small-scale Ontario farmers, FoodShare offers a grill-or-freezer-ready assortment of grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken and pork options, including chops, burgers, sausages, whole birds and big, crock-pot-ready cuts like brisket. $170.

A box of rare wines from Eight Kilos

If your reliable stockpile of wine has been suspiciously quick to deplete of late—hey, no judgment here—then a subscription to Eight Kilos might be just the thing to keep the grape juices flowing. Started as a quarantine project by Toronto event planner Roxanne Chapman and Brix and Mortar Wine Co. owner Ben Hodson, the service delivers six-packs of wine from around the globe every one to three months, depending on how often you need a re-up. Each box is curated around a theme—a particular region or winemaker—but the focus is on rarities you won’t see at the LCBO. Yet another good reason to stay home this winter. $275.

A parade of butter tarts from Carla Cookie Box

This Woodbridge-based online bakery makes all kinds of sweet treats, but they’re best known for their butter tarts. The decadent desserts are so popular in these parts that a three- or six-month subscription option seems, frankly, long overdue. Each delivery brings a personalized six-pack per month. For the purists (read: raisin haters) there’s plain, but there are all kinds of contemporary takes on the tarts, like Nutella, peanut butter chocolate chip and cherry cheesecake. $80 (three months) and $160 (six months).

The finest sugary breakfast cereals from Cereal Box

Trix isn’t just for kids anymore, no matter what that rabbit says. With this subscription service, members get a surprise box of whimsical cereal currently unavailable in Canada, along with a few other fun treats, delivered to their doorstep every month. Now’s your chance to start the day with a bowl of grains flavoured like Dunkaroos, Little Debbie oatmeal creme pies or even a Dunkin’ Donuts caramel macchiato. Nutrition be damned. Double down on the nostalgia with some cartoons and a breakfast (or lunch or dinner, we get it) of your sugary treasure. $19.99 and up.

A steady supply of cheese from Leslieville Cheese

Let’s hear it for cheese, one of the pandemic’s unsung heroes. The monthly offering from this Leslieville institution is perfect for those craving a little comfort in the form of camembert. Members of Club Cheese get two hunks of fromage, a freshly baked baguette and a surprise accoutrement, like dark-chocolate buttercrunch candies, ready for pickup every month. Each gift bag comes with tasting notes—all you need to do is supply the wine. $30 per month (three months minimum).

A freshly brewed four pack from Red Tape Brewery

The city’s newest brewery, Red Tape, is a bespoke one. This means that owners Sean and Sarabeth Holden will work with customers to design one-of-a-kind recipes. Just think: your very own Pandemic Pale Ale or Six-Feet-Away Stout. But if you aren’t ready to fork over big bucks for a unique brew, there’s a less expensive—but equally delicious— option. Red Tape’s subscription service means you get to pop in to the east-end brewery to pick up a pack of four beers—a mix of flagship staples and one-offs—every month. $60 and up.