The best chef in the world, butchers as sex symbols, Drake wants to open a T.O. restaurant

The best chef in the world, butchers as sex symbols, Drake wants to open a T.O. restaurant

Vampire sighting: Kristen Stewart was spotted at a Vancouver sushi restaurant this week, dining with co-star Robert Pattinson (Photo by Laura Ramos)

• Rapper and Degrassi alum Drake says he wants to open a restaurant in Toronto, but he’s also planning another album and a few films, so the culinary dream might be a few years off. The “Best I Ever Had” singer is known to be a fan of Vivoli, so we wouldn’t be surprised if his potential menu included pizza and cocktails. [Rap Up]

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were seen celebrating at Miko Sushi in Vancouver last weekend. The pair is in town to film the third Twilight movie, Eclipse. We assume he left a generous tip this time; the servers at Il Cantinori in New York weren’t pleased when he left them a paltry 14 per cent. [New York Daily News]

• The world’s top chefs have crowned Rene Redzepi as their leader. The master chef at Noma in Copenhagen, which came in third on S.Pellegrino’s list of the 50 best restaurants, got the most nods from his 49 peers. Redzepi worked at El Bulli and The French Laundry (which came in first and 12th on the list, respectively) before returning to Denmark to modernize Nordic cuisine. [Guardian]

Nightline has documented the sex appeal of the modern butcher. The thirst for blood seems to be creating a new generation of muscle-bound alpha-male charcutiers, apparently because it helps satisfy their primal needs. We’re not sure if all butchers fit the alpha-male stereotype, but we won’t argue with those who think Grant van Gameren is cute. [ABC]

• Scottish food is not all entrails and deep-fried Mars bars, claims Sue Lawrence in her new cookbook. Taste Ye Back contains recipes that are supposed to make Scots proud (and that come from such famous compatriots as Ewan McGregor, Gordon Brown and tennis champ Andy Murray). Gordon Ramsay’s choice—battered saveloys (think deep-fried sausage on a stick)—shows just how difficult that task might be. [Independent]